Kingdom of León

The kingdom of León (its name means "Lion", like we can see on the coat of arms of the kingdom) occuped the western half of the actual autonomous community of Castilla y León, in northwest Spain, and had its capital in the city of the same name. T he neighboring regions of Galicia and Asturias also belonged to the kingdom.

Created by the transfer of the kingdom of Asturias, it was the heir of the ancient Spanish-Gothic kingdom, and the first leader of the Spanish "Reconquista", but later it lost importance in comparison with Castile and Portugal, two ancient counties of the kingdom.

It had a close relation with Castile, until their deffinitive union, during the year 1230, with the king Fernando III "the Saint", son of Alfonso IX of León and Berenguela of Castile. (Before the union, Alfonso IX reconquered the region of Extremadura)

Spain at XV century The two kingdoms remained independent until the union of Spain, with the marriage of Isabel I (Queen of Castile & León) and Fernando II (King of Aragón and Count of Barcelone).

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