Herrera Marrero, Roberto Henry


Faculty of Informatics
University of Cienfuegos

Date of Birdth: 


  • Assistant Professor.
  • Assistant Researcher.
  • Eng. in Telecommunications & Electronics (1995). UCLV. Cuba.
  • Master in Electronics (1998). UCLV. Cuba.
  • Training in Industrial Electronics & Instrumentation. Indian Institute for Production Management. iiPM. India 2004.
    E-mail: mailto:%20hentronix@yahoo.com

Professor Herrera, is with the University of Cienfuegos since Nov. 2002.

The on-line Journal of Non Destructive Testing
NDT Forum


Cuban Academy of Science. Young Associated 2002-2006.
Cuban Society of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Cuban Association for Pattern Recognition. 

Turorial de Matlab

Teaching Experience:

Teleinformatics.(Program PDF 19KB) (in spanish)
Assembler Languaje Programming .(PDF 15KB) (in spanish)
Digital Signal Processing.(PDF 438KB)(in spanish)
MatLab Programming.(Intro (PDF 383KB),DSP, Image Processing, Communications. Wavelet). (in spanish)

Research Activities:
Engineering Thesis:
ECG signal compression, using linear prediction techniques. CEETI. UCLV. Cuba. 1995.
Master Thesis: Digital Signal processing of Ultrasonic Signals. CEETI, UCLV. Cuba. 1998.
PhD Current Research:  Digital Signal processing of Ultrasonic Signals in Non Destructive Evaluation. UCLV. Cuba.
Research Projects:
DSP of Ultrasonic Signals in Concrete Defects Characterization. Ministry of Construction. MICONS. Cuba. Research Interests: Digital signal processing of ultrasonic signals, non destructive evaluation by ultrasonic methods, higher order statistics, image processing, wavelets and deconvolution.

Thesis as Tutor :
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Meter based on microcontroler MCU 68HC811E2. Joel Lazo Carbó, Faculty of Electronics , UCLV, 1997.
  • Metodology for Ultrasonic Testing Welding Unions in Steam Generators of Electric Power Plants, Faculty Mechanical Engineering. University of Cienfuegos, July 2001.
  • A study of Remanent Live in Gasometers for Hydrogen Storage, Eng. Francisco Ramos Blanco, Faculty Mechanical Engineering. University of Cienfuegos, 2003.
  • The TOFD method in metal cracks determination. Eng. Israel Santana Leco, Faculty Mechanical Engineering. University of Cienfuegos, 2003.


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Recent Papers and Congress Contributions:

Herrera R. H., Moreno E. and Orozco R., Wavelet-based deconvolution in non destructive evaluation. 2005. draft pdf (182kB)

Herrera R. H, Calas, H., Moreno E. and Orozco R., Deconvolution of A-scan signals in Synthetic Aperture Focusing Testing (SAFT). UCf 2005. To be published.

Roberto H. Herrera, Eduardo Moreno, Héctor Calas, Rubén Orozco, Blind Deconvolution of Ultrasonic Signals Using High-Order Spectral Analysis and Wavelets, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3773, Oct 2005, Pages 663 - 670. http://springerlink.metapress.com/link.asp?ID=7086735616587391

Herrera R. H., Orozco R., Calas H. and Moreno E., “Deconvolution of ultrasonic signals by regularized Wiener filter”. SIE 2005. Sta Clara, Cuba. June 21-23, 2005. ISBN: 959250201-3.

Herrera R. H., Moreno E. and Borroto L., “Impact-echo in modal frequency analysis”. UCf 2004. ISBN: 959-257-070-1. http://intranet.ucf.edu.cu/anuario/2004/Informatica/listo/articulo14.pdf (in spanish)

Herrera R. H., Moreno E., Calas H. and Borroto L., “Applications of Digital Signal Processing in Non Destructive Evaluation by Ultrasonic Method”. Proceeding All India Conference on Condition Based Maintenance. Kolkata. India. Dic. 3-4, 2004.

Herrera R. H., “Digital Signal Processing in NDE”. CIMI 2004. Zacatepec. México. Oct. 6-9, 2004.

Herrera R. H. and Santana I., “TOFD with conventional ultrasonic testing equipments”. UCF 2003. ISBN: 959-257-055-8. http://intranet.ucf.edu.cu/anuario/2003/TECNICAS/henry.pdf (in spanish)

Noya A. and Herrera R. H., “Theory and Applications of the Parallel Port”. e-book. Ed. University of Cienfuegos. 2003. ISBN: 959-257-019-1. (in spanish)

Santana I. and Herrera R. H., The Time of Flight Diffraction Method in cracks localization . XIX COPIMERA Congress. Dominican Rep. 17-20 July. 2003.

Herrera R. H., Gayoso R. and Calas I., “Ultrasonic Testing of HAR Concrete in Cuba”. Anuario UCF. 2002.  ISBN: 959-257-055-8. (in spanish)

Herrera R. H., “Testing physical and mechanical properties using ultrasound”.  Anuario UCf 2002. ISBN: 959-257-055-8. http://www.ucf.edu.cu/publicaciones/anuario2002/%20tecnicas/articulo35.pdf (in spanish)


mailto:%20henry@finf.ucf.edu.cu , mailto:%20henry@finf.ucf.edu.cu