alpine air...serving you.......motherfucker........


hello. you are hereby welcome to alpine air's frontpage. this is a microsoft flight simulator and vatsim virtual airline. The purpose of this very lame page is to show you how lame you are coming here to read this crap. nonetheless, welcome to alpine air.

i write this airline in the books of virtual aviation history. today, on october, the second, two thousand and eight. i shall write the articles of incorporation:


one. no one shall ever be liable of any damage caused by his stupidity. on alpine air everybody has the right to mess up.

two: we all like porn videos, so please, dont be afraid to share

three: no one, not even the president, shall ever be required to sit in his computer and wiggle his joystic around faking a flight if he not so desires, as lame as the idea of a virtual airline is, its lamer to be required to fly on a fucking computer on a fucking schedule, and ordered by a fucking overweight asshole.

four: three articles already expressed all i wanted to say, but three articles are not enough to sound respectable, so i am bullshiting you with this fake one. what are you kidding me three fucking articles??? get the fuck out of here!

five: if you like my page fuck you, if you dont like it, fuck you also. i really dont care what you think you lame motherfucker. see ya, or really, i dont really expect to see ya.


also, i know the yahoo adds suck, but i cannot do anything about it, otherwise they charge me motherfuckers.... you can leave me a note at, but if you dont feel like it, dont mind, ill probably wont read it anyways...