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Hello! Welcome to this fanlisting, dedicated to a Magic Kaito's Character: Nakamôri Aoko. She is the best friend (and something more...) of Kuroba kaitô (Kid).

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This Fanlisting is created by Sherry and Shiho, two sisters ^^. Write to us if you want affiliate your fanlisting or site. Please, if you like Aoko, join the Fanlisting! Before, please: READ THE RULES.

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29/01/04 The Fanlisting is open! Two members, updated the codes and affiliates.


1-You must be an Aoko Nakamôri fan ^^U

2-You must have a WORKING and VALID e-mail.

3-It's not necessary to have a site, but if you have one, put one of the codes linked to this fanlisting, before two weeks.

4-In the place where puts: Hide Feelings... You must write: Of my heart. You know, to insure myself that you've read the rules -.-U

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4-Holly [@] [URL] (Spain)

5-Aoko [@] [URL] (Argentina)

6-Silviki [@] [URL] (Spain)

7-Chou Nuriko [@] [URL] (Hong Kong)

8-ToshiK [@] [URL] (Spain)

9-Miaka [@] [URL] (Catalonia)


Feel Your Heart~Conan Edogawa / Shinichi Kudo x Ai Haibara / Shiho Miyano Little Cunning~Kuroba kaitô x Nakamôri Aoko Time After Time~Shiho Miyano/Sherry A Secret Makes a Woman Woman~Chris Vineyard


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