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Welcome to "Guardian Angel", my colective, here you'll find all the webpages I'm running. The navigation is at the left, so feel free to investigate what things my crazy mind creates.

Why 'Guardian Angel'?

-Guardian Angel is one of my Original Stories. Actually, I don't know why, but my last webpages have the name of my original stories (Akai Hikari my blog, Eterna City, my art page), so I thought the only name that remained useless was "Guardian Angel" ^_^U Uhm... I think I'll change it's name anyway.

About me

Yes, about me. Just some brief info...
Name: Marie G. Reciné B.
Alias: Karin.EXE
Age: 16
Likes: Rockman, Janne Da Arc, video games, anime, drawing, reading, writing, MSNing, help people, sleep, music, cheese, humour, romance, angst, vampires, angels, demons, pretty boys (*___*), dancing!
Dislikes: Spiders, baloons, needles, bad jokes, sadness, losing, lonelyness, head block, desilution.
Contact: @ Here!

Site info

Last Update: Nov/01, 2006.
You thought I was dead, right ^^? XD Naa, is just that this page doesn't have too much to work with, is just a collective, so you can go to my webpages... But, I have added a "In mind" webpage o0o Be sure to check it out... Hm, I really need to take care of my pages ._.
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