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1) 20

2) Oon ba man

3)Fadayeh Saret

4) Mano bebakhsh (recite)

5)Mano bebakhsh

6)Ageh eshghe man to nisti

7)Ooni ke mikhastam

8)Man toro mikham

9)Ba tashakor(recite)

10)Ba tashakor

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  • Attention!!Please read this: The only thing that I want to say to you all is that please, please buy the album original, if you are a true fan, please do it, this way you can save the music and always we will have good music, if you download the music in sites or you copy the album, your idol wont reach anything, they had worked so hard for us, to make an amazing album, and I think this is the best way "khastegishoon dar bere". Thanks .:~*HaSti*~:.

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