I was born in Seville but I spent my childhood in different cities of mainland and island Spain. I took up photography for love. Different loves have gone by, different professions, different cities... but my passion for pictures has remained. When I started to work with colour, in 1983, I knew what I wanted to do: I can't imagine my work without colour and I couldn't express myself without it. In that same year I had a radio programme called "La Cámara Lúcida". In 1984 I organised the Jornadas de Fotografía Creativa and I founded the Guadalquivir Photogallery. Since then I've participated in numerous collective and individual exhibitions. Among the collective are CURRENT SPANISH PHOTOGRAPHY organised by the late Paco Molina in Seville in 1985, SEVILLA X 15, book and exhibition in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Seville in 1991, ARTE + SUR, in the Galería Suroeste in Granada (1995), BODEGONES (Still lives), El SEXO MANDAMIENTO (The Sexth Commandment) and RELACIONES PUBICAS (Pubic Relations) in the galleria Felix Gomez in Seville (1995, 1998 and 2000); of my individual exhibitions, one of the most special for me is the exhibition organised by the IVAM, when Carmen Alborch was the director, for the Institute de la Mujer in Valencia (1988), another in Galería Ventana Abierta in Seville in 1994 and in Sala Martin Iglesias en Seville, 1998, also very special for me is the double exhibition in the Passage de Ayamonte early in the year 2000. I've been invited to give conferences and participate in round tables and discussions, I've collaborated with publications for the Seville Expo'92 and many of my photographs have been published in books and portfolios in different magazines. I have works in private collections, galleries and public institutions. Recently I've collaborated with my sister Pau in the exhibition 6x6, in the intervention DENTRO DE CONTEXTO, and in the exhibition EL DEDO EN LA LLAGA, all in Seville. I've tried to win a prize in her Bad Photography Competition, but I've never managed it because it's rigged and her boyfriend always wins.

In Internet I’ve published a picture in scanner cultural,  I’m a virtual exhibition in artecenter  and I’m in the ex webis artists gallery, and in foto3 web page


Las hermanas Lumière

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