Lawrence Butler and Donald Glouner.  (Butler-Glouner Inc.)

Lawrence W.Butler
Date of Birth
30 July 1908, Akron, Ohio, USA
Date of Death
19 October 1988
Lawrence W. Butler is the son of special and optical effects director William Butler. Lawrence began his career working with his father; he then went to work with Alexander Korda in England where Butler did the special effects for The Thief of Baghdad (1940) and Jungle Book (1942) . Following WW II, Butler became the head of Columbia's special effects department for close to thirty years. Later he was  awarded with  one Oscar for  Marooned (1969). In 1976, he and Roger Banks were awarded a special Oscar for their scientific and technical contributions dealing with "the concept of applying low inertia and stepping electric motors to film transport systems and optical printers for motion picture production."

Donald Glouner
Donald Charles Glouner was a special effects cinematographer, whose specialties were matte/processes effects and montage sequences. He worked mainly at Columbia as associate of Lawrence Butler, the head of Columbia special effects department. Eventually the team formed the Butler-Glouner Co., an independent effects studio that was in business until 1973. He was awarded with an Oscar for Marroned (1969)
Donald Glouner died July 16, 1994, age 80. He was the younger brother of cinematographer Martin Glouner (1909-1983) and the uncle of Emmy winner cinematographer Richard Glouner (1931-1998).

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-Thumb Tripping (1972) ... Opticals
-Butterflies Are Free (1972) (photo effects)
-Doctors' Wives  (1971) (photographic effects)
-The Love Machine (1971) ... Special Effects Company (photographic effects)

-The Dunwich Horror (1970) ... Special Effects Company (special effects)

-Hornets' Nest (1970) ... Photographic Effects

-Marooned (1969). ... (Special photographic effects)

-The Comic (1969) (special effects)
-More Dead Than Alive (1968) ... Special Effects Company
-Head (1968) ... Photographic Effects
-The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966) ... Special Effects Company
-Ambush Bay (1966) ... Photographic Effects
-Pajama Party (1964) ... Special Effects Company
-Bikini Beach (1964) ... Special Effects Company (photographic special effects)

-The Comedy of Terrors (1964) (special photographic effects)

- X (1963) ... Special Effects Company
-"The Outer Limits" (1963) ... Special Effects Company

- The terror (1963) (special photographic effects)

-Beach Party (1963) ... Special Effects Company (photographic special effects)
-Operation Bikini (1963) ... Special Effects Company

-The Raven (1963) ... Special Effects Company

-Tales of terror (1962) Photographic  Effects (as Butler-Glouner, Inc.)
-Taras Bulba (1962) (additional photographic effects)
- Master of the World (1961) ... Special Effects Company

-Pit and the Pendulum (1961) ... Photographic Effects

-13 Ghosts (1960) ... Photographic Color Effects (as Butler-Glouner, Inc.)

-House of Usher (1960) Photographic  Effects (as Butler-Glouner, Inc.)