Just Everything...
                   ...but not just anyone
Monday, November 29, 2004 - 5:57 PM

Sean Altman, and alt mania in particular, have become my muse. This strikes me as somewhat sad, because all of the songs on that album are incredibly depressing. Given the circumstances, that depressive quality makes perfect sense, but even so. I played part of the album in the car for my mother and sister, but they made me turn it off. So rigid, those two. But I can identify completely with the lyrics to most of these songs; in particular Dick About Me and Unworthy. People are so cruel, and yet everyone always chides me when I tell them that I think human nature is such a horrible thing. Maybe it's just me.

           I went to the Language Lab this afternoon in an attempt to get started on writing my final Arabic paper, only to find that they a) close at 5 PM, and b) still don't know how to operate the language controls in MS Word. I tried this with Hebrew about a month ago, and they didn't know then how to open the key controls. Seems they still don't. So unhelpful. Why do they hire people and then not teach them how to use the software? I love Mane, but why doesn't she know how to use some of the programs in her lab? I'm confused.

        I'm trying to organize a Hillel DC-Area Jews trip to see
What I Like About Jew together in Vienna on December 22, and they're making it so damn hard. This doesn't need to be difficult, people. There need be no fundraiser involved; I refuse to jack up the price of tickets for Hillel people when they can figure that out simply by going to Jammin' Java's website. They're not stupid. I can't wait to pick on Paul mercilessly for being the whitest guy there. Oh, the joy. :)