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Emergency Preparedness Information

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FamilySummary Summary of Ward EP Plan for home teachers to deliver to families. 11 Mar 2001 13k 63k
GBH_Debt An excerpt from the October 1998 Priesthood General Conference address by President
Gordon B. Hinckley regarding debt.
11 Mar 2001 10k 38k
K2WardPrepPlan The Katy 2nd Ward Preparedness Plan. 17 Mar 2001 18k 58k
HoustonPrepInfo Emergency Preparedness Information for the Houston Area 17 Mar 2001 95k 148k
Source_Review Other sources of information regarding emergency preparedness. These have not been reviewed yet but may have additional useful information. 17 Mar 2001 25k 82k
LDS_Emerg_Info Emergency Preparedness information from the LDS Church web site (www.lds.org) 17 Mar 2001 60k + 167k of images 266k
72Hr_Review Additional information regarding 72-Hour kits. This has not been reviewed yet but may contain additional useful information. 17 Mar 2001 23k 50k
K2_Preparedness_Info A ZIP file containing the word documents listed above. 17 Mar 2001 310k ZIP file
agnstwd.pdf Against The Wind - Protecting Your Home from Hurricane Wind Damage
Published by FEMA.
Dec 1993 225k PDF file
98survstrm.pdf Surviving the Storm - A Guide to Hurricane Preparedness
Published by FEMA.
1998 301k PDF file

Emergency preparedness involves considering the worst possible outcome to a potential event and what steps can be taken in advance to avoid or reduce the undesirable effects of the event. With that in mind, here is our tribute to the society we live in:

These documents are intended to assist individuals and families in preparing for and responding to emergency situations. They incorporate information from a variety of sources and are provided for illustration and advice only. There is no guarantee that this information will be useful, helpful, or appropriate for your unique situation. No one knows your specific needs better than you do and no one else has responsibility for you or your family.

All final decisions on preparation and actions taken during an emergency are your responsibility. No liability is assumed by the authors or contributors to this document, the Katy 2nd Ward, Katy Texas Stake or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the use or misuse of any information in this publication.

Any errors or omissions in these documents are unintentional. If you have suggestions for improvements or additional information to include or review, we will be happy to review your ideas. Send email to: esarlls3@yahoo.com with the subject: Emergency Plan.

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