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Who Are We:   ESB COMPUTER SERVICES is based in Wayland, Massachusetts.  ESB has been providing the highest quality SOHO and small business computer and network systems administration, configuration, and maintenance for the last two years. Our expertise is drawn from nearly 20 years of corporate and Fortune 500 IT Technical Management, Senior Network Systems Engineering, IT/IS project management, and extensive end user training and support. For the most competetive rates in Middlessex County, call us at (508)358-8176, or drop us an email at Erik@esbcs.com.

If you have a computer question or issue, we have your answer!
Home & SOHO:  Does your head hurt as you scan the myriad of routers, firewalls, and switches at your local computer store? What about wireless vrs wired, USB 1.1 or 2.0, and what is a VPN anyways? Most of our clients have attempted to install a network. But eventually threw their hands up in disgust and called ESB.  Print sharing errors, AOL crashes, the amazing dissapearing Network Neighborhood, and network connections that have slowed to a crawl. ESB has seen all of these networking issues. Before tearing out what little hair you may have left, call ESB at (508)358-8176. Let our specialists implement a stable, long term  home/SOHO PC network for you and your associates.
Small Business:  ESB currently maintains several small business networks in the Middlessex County area. If you cannot afford a full time IT person to maintain your peer-to-peer, Netware, or NT server networks; a part-time ESB network administrator may be the answer to your network woes.  ESB can also ensure your anti-virus, and related software upgrades and patches are secure and up-to-date. ESB can also maintain your workstations and printers. And although the markets are down, and IT spending is currently at an all-time low, none of us can shirk the dire need for improved security and stability of our networks. ESB can research, recommend, and install the latest in router and firewall security. ESB can also provide your small business with onsite Windows and Office 97/2000 training, dissaster recovery functions, network and workstation inventory and audit reporting, and WEB site design and maintenance.
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PC Industry Headlines: On 9/18/02 the Symantec Corporation announced the presence of the W32.HLLW.Dax worm on the WEB. This worm spreads through open shares across your network (incl: your DSL or cable network connection). It attempts to replicate itself to a share as the file "Ordin Popescu.exe". It also opens a backdoor on your PC port #3256, that then gives a hacker full access to an infected computer. Infection and damage rates are high for this worm, so update your virus scanner ASAP! If you suspect you have been infected, drop ESB a message in our Guest Book, and we'll email you the erradication steps for you to follow. Mcafee.com reports a surge in LoveLetter and Nimba virus infections. Within the last 24 hours, McAfee estimates nearly 475,000 files have been infected.
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