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Hi, welcome to my little shrine devoted to my favourite villain of all time, Lord Kefka of course. You can find out all sorts of stuff about Kefka here! I've also got some non-Kefka related fanart and fanfiction. Sometimes you might also find some random lessons or rantings in the space below!

Some Common Japanese Phrases
Hello - Konnichiwa

Good Morning - Ohayou, Ohayou-gozaimasu (polite)

Good Afternoon - Konnichiwa

Good Evening - Konbanwa

Good Night - Oyasumi

Good bye - Sayounara

See you later - Dewa mata

See you tomorrow - Mata ashita

How are you? - Ogenki desu-ka

I'm fine - Genki desu

And you? - Anata wa?

I'm fine, too - Watashi-mo genki-desu.

Thank you - Arigatou, Doumo arigatou-gozaimasu (polite)

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