Welcome to La Joteada!
I have named this page "La Joteada" (The Faghood), because I am a part of the growing community of Latinos who are trying to establish a cultural-sexual identity for our "queer" people. We are reclaiming the  word "Joto" (fag) and making it ours, (much like the Euro-American Gay movement reclaimed the word "queer"). Thus this space, is a space I am creating for Jotos. A link to other "Joterias" (gay organizations) and places to go for "La Joteada" (gay venues), and a place to share a little bit about me and who I am.
My name is Thelmo, but you can call me Junior. I  am a self-identified Latino (half Mexican, half Guatemalan) and a full fledged Joto. I graduated from Pomona College (of the Claremont Colleges) in May of 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (focusing on human sexuality), and in Chicano Studies. As part of my Senior Thesis, Definir La Joteada, I began this webpage. Now, years  later, it's still here for all the jotitos and jotitas to enjoy. Here you can explore a world which I helped create.
Welcome To La Joteada
Bienvenidos A La Joteada
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This page is not just about my Latino Gay Community, It's about me as well. Feel free to read some of my poetry, or ask me about spiritual advising (I am Curandero by tradition and lineage). Let me know what you think and contact me just to say hello. I always like getting emails. It helps me to procrastinate. I hope you enjoy.
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