Olympos, a jewel of the Dodecanese, is situated between two mountains. It is a small village on northern Karpathos with over 100 km. of hiking trails, secluded beaches and  a unique mix of tradition and nature. This village has been used as a backdrop for famous photographers such as Constantine Manos, Josef Koudelka, Hans Sylvester and many more. Wether you plan on visiting one of the many beaches nearby or enjoying the local musicians that fill the streets of the village with their magical melodies, Olympos is the perfect example of a Greece long lost.
Olympos, not only is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the local music and customs, but also has many beaches nearby. These beaches are accesible either by  trekking one of the many marked trails or by jeep. There are also 2 small boats that take a daily excursion either to all the beaches or to Saria and Tristomo.
For those of you that have visited Olympos, and for those that want to learn more about this magical place, I recommend this book wich is wonderfully written and is as far as I am concerned the best and most accurate description of life here in Olympos and Diafani.
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