Germany has an immense such greats as Beetoven and Goethe. Famously, there's wealth of castles, while church architecture ranges from the superb Gothic cathedrals of the north to the frothy baroque creations of Bayern. Even today, much of Germany is surprisingly little-frequented by outsiders.

Kyle in front of the building in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt downtown area.

Opera House. Once, 89% of this stunning building damaged because of the war. Now, it has been restored but still not perfectely done because of the budget according to travel guard.

Old Town. There are a lot of pubs in this area. You may have dinner here, but don't?go in daytime. It opens from 8pm till 4am.

Kyle eating Frankfurter Special. Um, yummmm.

We are having a great time in Frankfurt, aren't we??Haha...???

Must visit: Frankfurt am Main and old town. Unfortunately, we didn't spend so much time in Frankfurt. If we can have one more chance to visit, we will look around more things around here.
Food and drink: Try Frankfurter Special in old town. It is pretty much typical and traditional food here and also taste is really gute!
Transportation: Underground. It was a bit confusing to figure out, but it worked out pretty good. We often confused between Ausgang and Eingang.