Transferred from my other geocities page (which will be deleted as soon as I can figure out how to contact the people necessary (grumble... sorry, I'm just clueless today)) (And most of this month, apparently)
Note: If you've been directed here from a subpage of my other geocities site, that's because that site's essentially been deactivated, and is uneditable -the subpage is not onsite and was editable (it would be nice if I could just get the original page deleted and keep this site; I can't, apparently... unless there's something I'm missing.) Please change bookmarks and links (if any) and use this one in the future? Appreciated.
Meanwhile, here's the Rubbra essay from that page
and the essay on Stenhammar's 2nd symphony.
Ah, here's one on Stenhammar's 3rd quartet with a bit on his 4th quartet (my favorite piece of music) as well.
A not very up to date at all (I'll get back to it real soon now) discography of Guy-Ropartz's music.
A discography of Legley's music, which gets recorded less so unfortunately obsolescence is less of a problem.
Yet another discography-in-progress, just begun, this time of Carl Reinecke (much more of a challenge, as much more is recorded...)
Midi files of CPE Bach's music. (Many of these midis were made back before Spanyi's intended-to-be-complete series on BIS got started, and were at the time unrecorded. Some of these pieces are now available in professional performances on e.g. Naxos and other recordings however... at the time I made these, this was the only way to hear them aside from playing them oneself. Well, excuses, excuses. :) )
Midi files of my own music...
Quotes from the Great Playground, a long-running (I think it started in 1987 or so) AD&D campaign I'm in.

Cleo, dearly-departed rabbit belonging to my sister and to my family...
See here for a smaller photo- that one fills the screen rather!...

And one photo of me from about a decade ago (I was a good deal portlier then... I'm not thin now, but I'm thinner.)
It's April 1 2001 and morning as I write this... (and September 24 2001 and afternoon as I edit it... sigh)
Feedback appreciated of course. Note Feb 23 2005 change of address - hotmail unreliable.
-Eric Schissel 1