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This website contains all the info you need to know about EscortGirl69 and how to make an appointment with her for service!!!
About EscortGirls69: She has blonde hair, blue eyes, she is five foot seven inches and weighs 118pnds. She is 21 years old and lives in the madison/milwaukee area. She has been an escort for two years and loves her job.
How to make an appointment: To make an online appointment you must contact Escortgirls69 through yahoo chat or messenger. Through there you will be able to make payment and set up a time and date with her which you two will make arrangments to meet from. The reason for online appointments is because it is convenient for returned customers who have payed through paypal before to make contact. Online appointments are usually for returned customers but new comers are always welcome. Newcomers will have to pay with paypal service, no exceptions. Customers who have gone through her before may pay with paypal or cash once many appointments with paypal gone  smoothly.
Rates and Payment: Escortgirls69's rates are 200.00 for 24 hours of service. New customers pay with paypal, no exceptions. Returning customers may pay with cash eventually and get discounted appointments.
Rules and exceptions: The only rules she has for appointments are no shit or piss play. all of the following are acceptable for appointments, anal, oral, doggystyle, bondage, domme, roleplay, fetish, and any other sexually satisfying services are fine.
Meeting for appointments: She does in calls or out calls which means once you make the appointment online you could either come to her house, she could come to yours, or you could meet at a public place such as a bar or club, or services can be requested at a hotel. Hotel expenses are paid for and booked by the company prior to the appointment.
All Services: The services that escortgirls69 offers are as follows, escorting(dates), sex, phone sex, cyber sex, webcamming, nude photos, and personal pornographic movies at your request. Pm for special requests.