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Eclectic Spiritualist Education Center
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Breaking News!  Tuition is free for the Earth Degree!  Sign up today for the Academic year beginning September 2005. (please see the Course info page to sign up!)
We would like to welcome you and wish you warmest blessings while you visit us!
This Education Center focuses on a variety of Earth Based Spiritual Paths.  While these paths are not Wiccan and we do not teach Wicca, we do welcome any Wiccan or Witch to study with us, if only to open their minds to other paths to show tolerance.  If you are looking for a purely Wiccan Learning Facility,  we have researched several and these Wiccan Educators can be found on the links page.

Currently we offer the following Degree Course.

1.  Eclectic Witchcraft- 5 Degrees based on the Elements with no set pantheon followed.

We also offer a wide variety of elective classes! 

As with any College of Higher Learning we do have an admissions process, very much like that of a College. 

For more infomation about the Tuition for each Degree, Please visit their page.  You can access them by clicking the gateway above. 
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