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All About Girlie!
Grainne aka Gigi aka Girlie

This is Grainne - pronounced Gronya. She's named after an Irish Pirate and Queen. Grainne was born on January 7th, 1994 to a neglected pitbull mother who was taken to the pound with her eight puppies to be killed.Her father was apparently a lab, but Girlie looks exactly like her pit mom. I got Grainne after her family was rescued by EBAR.
All the puppies got great homes.

Grainne loves playing ball and sleeping. She pushes me out of the way so she can sleep by the fire and she loves to be completely buried under the covers in my bed. In the mornings, she enjoys sitting on the deck in the chair like a human and watching over the backyard. She doesn't care for other dogs, but loves children. She is our family protector and does a better job than our other pit, Ra, who won't even bark if someone knocks at the door. Ever on the alert, Girlie takes good care of us. She can be willful, she's a capricorn afterall. But she is all about love and will often get upon on our laps - she weighs 65 pounds! - and pushes her heart into ours. Life is good when we get a big pit smile and heart hug from the Girlie.

We are all God manifesting in the Flesh! and so are Dogs!

Thanks Girlie!

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