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WildeCat is a rescue effort that cares for a colony of feral and abandoned cats. The colony lives in what is left of the marshlands that surround the San Francisco Bay.
  The area of San Lorenzo Creek was once a complex enviroment of fresh and salt water, diverse animal and bird life. Today, it is also home to warehouses, new condos and tons of pollution. Both humans and animals exist here -- the animals are nearly invisible to most of the humans who remain mostly oblivious.
WildeCat was birthed after two of us met at our jobs. We both work at a moving company whose warehouse borders the creek. On our breaks we observed that despite the garbage and diesel fuel, life was triumphant all around us - from the hawks opening their red wings above the abandoned train tracks, to the frog predicting rain outside our reception area. We hit it off and realized that the animals were the sane ones.
We were especially in awe of and disturbed by the feral cats. They are adaptable, fully predatory and struggling with factors which are not their fault and out of their control. We wanted to do something.
  We feed and water our colony. We also have successfully trapped and neutered 17 cats. Eight of these were kittens born in the back of an old bobtail truck. All the kittens and their mother, a sweet young calico, were caught and adopted. The rest we released after neutering - except for
Lucey Star. We also recently trapped our 18th cat. This was a bittersweet moment for us. Click on Moon Kitty to hear our experience.      WildeCat's goal is to expand rescue and caretaking efforts and resources. We also want to inspire others to take action. It's worth it  because every single life matters. We became WildeCat because  we want to give back to the Earth in gratitude and to the animals because we know that life is sacred in all its forms. Blessed Be.

Lucey Star - survived feral  odds to win kittylotto.           click her picture for her story

feral kittens waiting to eat dinner

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