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Greetings from Faery Dogs relaxing in some dream meadow.

esikie and captain cosmic go for their tattoos in downtown Oakland, Ca.

Ra and Grainne hanging out at the tattoo studio. They're so cool.

   Captain Cosmic went first. He designed this armband using Runes and the name of his daughter.
   He's so cosmic that he claims to have healed immediately upon leaving the artist's chair.

My tattoo is a 5000 year-old asymetical triple spiral carved on a megalith in County Tryone, Ireland. At the Summer Solstice the sun hits the stone, illuminating this spiral. (pix to come)

    I am at this moment experiencing slight pain - from the scratching on my skin,  and pleasure -from endorphins hitting my blood. This attempt to receive what the ego perceives as opposites has put me into a deep trance right about now...

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