Hi, my name is Emily and I am a tenth grade student in Port Washington which is on Long Island. I've lived in New York all my life with my parents, two brothers, as well as most of my extended family. They have been a very big part of my growing up as well as my present life.

I am currently a student at Schreiber High School where I am involved with many different after school clubs. My favorite courses are A.P. European History, French and Spanish. In my spare time I participate in many afterschool clubs,am a tutor, take voice and piano lessons, and also am an active member of my temple's youth program. I also have a tight circle of friends that I spend alot of time with. All of these asepcts are a very important part of how I live my life.

Although I am already fifteen, my future seems very distant. I do have some definite interests and large aspirations for myself. I am hoping to stay on the East coast for college, relatively close to home but far enough to experiment with being on my own. I think I would be most happy in New York City, it is one of my favorite places. As far as a job goes, I could easily picture myself in the fashion world. Nina Shoes has been in my family for two generations so it has had a strong influence over my goals but most importantly I have a unique passion for style. I could also see myself, because of my current interest as well as my experience, as a teacher, possibly foreign language.

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