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Hi I'm Esko.
I signed up on 11/04/97 04:56:05,
and because I'm "velo",
I moved in on 11/03/97 28:55:77.
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I'm the Secretary of the C.B.A. (Cultural Bridge Association).
Here is something You need to see:
What are You really interested in!
But before You go, try to think awhile,
though nothing's probably going to happen.
Anyhow, the motto for my being here is:

"What is philosophy?"
That's a philosophical guestion.
Only poets can answer it.

Although I am not any poet, I try to write.
One example is the page I've just made. Namely,

What Is Relevant in Creating a World Picture?

As a cultural worker (see Esko's Interests)
You should belong to our Association.
If You are not yet a member, just join us!
It's FREE in the net.
 Email me at esko.marjomaa@usa.net in the meantime.
You may also email at our President.
Please come back soon and visit me.
In the meantime, You might like to see The C.B.A. Home Page.
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