Greetings and here are your options.

1. Click HERE and you will be taken to a forum where you can ask any question you need an honest answer to, and I will answer your question ASAP.

2. The other option is to email me your question, and I will do my best to answer it ASAP. Email to: esominder@yahoo.com and put "docjp" in the subject line.

A bit about myself....

I am semi retired after thirty plus years working as a psychotherapist with adults and children. I have several degrees [but degrees do not a competent therapist make... but I suspect you already knew this].

My specialty over the years has been those individuals who have tried various therapists, or programs, and have received little help from these.

You can read about what I believe, and what I have discovered by doing a Google search of the following: Esochology, EsoEducation, or Apapsyche. You can also explore this web site. .

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