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Everything you ever wanted to know about Panavision, a lot more they'd rather you didn't know about, and quite a few things they'd rather potential investors and the S.E.C. didn't know about either....
What's it all about then? Well, if you haven't been here before, you'll find links on the left that'll explain everything.

NOTE: If you came here via either the Wikipedia "Digital Cinematography" or "Panavision" pages, you'll notice that those pages have recently undergone some severe editing. It's painfully obvious to us that the people involved have nothing whatever to do with the film industry, and are just more of the numerous wannabe "pundits" whose entire "expertise" consists of reading what similar wannabe's have written on other web sites!

We're not going to get involved in another "revision war", but since we still have copies of the original pages, we're going to to reproduce them here where ignorant wankers like them can't "correct" them!

We're still working on the Digital Cinematography page but in the meantime you can check out the pre-revision Panavision Page!

This new site does pretty much everything the old one did, except that we've deleted some of the links that nobody ever visited anyway. We may put them back on one day, but as it is, we've got enough to do just getting this lot fired up and tested!

We've put all the technical articles in one "Tech Talk" section, and there's a new 3-part series on what Depth of Field actually means, why it's a problem with 16mm and video cameras, and why there's no realistic alternative to 35mm film for quality movie production.

WHY DID WE DO THIS? Well, it continues to surprise us that after three years and well over 25,000 hits on our website, we still don't register on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. We've been told that this is because our old site used "Frames", that handy facility where the screen is divided up into two separately scrollable windows. So we've finally bitten the bullet and redesigned the site to work without frames, a task which meant re-writing about 35 HTML files! (The old versions are still here by the way, if you know where to look!)

We also changed the screen layout to a fixed-width window. This will work better with older 800 x 600 pixel displays and also ensures printouts will fit standard printer pages without re-sizing.

If you've bookmarked the old "Latest News" page and are used to jumping straight to there, that old page "news.html" is no longer functional. The "latest news" page is now called "menu_bar_web.html" . (Why is it called that? Because the hit counter is attached to that filename and if we put it on any other page it will reset to zero!)

Once you've gotten onto that page, you can just make a new bookmark and cary on as before. Note that the new "Latest News" page now only carries the few most recent items; when a new item comes in, one old one is then added to an "Archive" page. That way you don't have to download months of stories just to read the latest one!