Lara Croft
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Welcome 2 Lara Croft Manor
Me and few ppl on  made this site so that we can keep track of all the great web pages:) so with out further adu heres what weve got fan art/fiction is coming soon and we need a few afficialates our gallery is comming around etc. but please explore
~Ascho has been made 2 avatars ^.^ i hope you like them ascho.
~Kurtis99 is making a character bio.
~ Look A Like Contest has started! Good luck evry1:)
~ Fan art contest has started! Good Luck evry1 :)
~Fan Fiction Contest has started! Good Luck evry1
~LarasLilGirl has posted her fan fiction in the trgirl forum. ^.^hope you all like it :)
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~AIM icons can now be found in avatars
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~Walk Throughs Comming Soon!
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