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ESPERANTO means "one who is hopeful". Hopeful of Universal Peace and Brotherhood. Hopeful of uniting this multi-cultural, multi-lingual human race through a common second language for all.

Among over 200 attempts at developing a world link language only one has survived and flourished. It is ESPERANTO evolved by Dr. Ludvik Lazarus Zamenhof in 1887.

ESPERANTO is logically planned, simple in structure, precise in expression and avoids ambiguities inherent in natural languages. It builds on root words derived from Indo-European languages with affixes which can expand the 15000 root words to over 150000 words. All this on a framework of only sixteen rules. ESPERANTO is easy to learn and use!

ESPERANTO has been tried and tested. Originals and translations from poetry to scientific doctoral theses have proved its flexibility. It has become a living language with rich literature and a global spread. There are over 30000 books and 135 periodicals published across the world. It spans 115 countries with 20 million Esperantists with China and Japan in the east to the European countries. Twenty radio stations broadcast regularly in ESPERANTO.

ESPERANTO language is neutral in terms of politics, religion, race or creed. It has been recognised by the UN and enjoys consultative status with UNESCO. The world body of Esperantists is the Universala Esperanto Asocio (UEA) with headquarters at Rotterdam. Apart from promoting the language and translating UN material into Esperanto, UEA has a unique delegate network and special professional group from doctors and engineers to parliamentarians for international service.

ESPERANTO IN BANGALORE: At Bangalore, the Bangalore Esperanto Centre is actively promoting Esperanto. It is operated from the residence of  Shri S.S.Pradhan who’s address is given below.

FREE COURSE: The Bangalore Esperanto Centre runs free short term courses every year and also offers correspondence courses through English and Kannada. The centre also has a collection of books, magazines and cassettes for further learning.

The Indian Esperanto Federation - Federacio Esperanto de Barato - now has its headquarters at Pune. It is accessable on the net at  Email:

CONTACT Information : For more information about Esperanto please contact the following persons.

S.S.PRADHAN (Phone 26632914 / 26482195; Email:

Bangalore Esperanto Centre

97, 24th Cross, 3rd Block East, Jayanagar, BANGALORE – 560011. INDIA

 S.HARI RAO ,   Phone: 25720350 (Res).    25086521 (Office)  Email: or

Dr S.P.TEKUR ,  Phone: 26710740 (Res).   Email:

K.RAMASWAMY, Phone: 26341419 (Res).  Email:




ABOUT THIS SITE: This is the official website of the Bangalore Esperanto Centre. In the coming weeks it will be improved. We hope to display news of interest to Esperantists. We request your comments and suggestions.  Email:





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