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Wow. Long time since I updated this (almost two years for a major update). This site HAS MOVED. I thought I'd announce this despite having left this site untended for so long because, surprise surprise, somehow, for some reason, people are still coming here??? Brazilians, Americans, and maybe some Brits (I can't distinguish between - or betwixt - myself and other Brits). See the Updates Page for the most recent - recent is a relative word here - changes to the site. If you need to mail me for anything, mail, if you don't hear from me soon, mail - something has gone wrong with the forwardings. Have Fun. 17th April 2006

New picture on homepage. 8/10/04

Stats counter was reset to zero at 21:45 GMT 08/11/03 just under one year from birth of site, and about 11 months from opening. During that time we had over 500 hits, although the stats counter hasnt always been operational and I lost the exact number a while back heeh! Hits have been going down in frequency though so I'll coerce some more peeps into coming here!

And I promise, on the new site - with updated layouts, etc. - I will not use "netspeak", "1337speek" or whatever, no more "ya", no more "peeps", no more "wtf lol roflmao". I promise. And if I do, you can tell my mother.

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