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espr welcomes you!
Dance Party of the Year Announcement!
November 2, 2003
ESPR announces the party of the year.  The definitive results of ages of practice will start the revolution that will be the ultimate dance party of the year. Scheduled for November 29th, with the venue determined, tickets are said to be going at $10 
And is well worth the effort to buy one. Clubbers are in for the 
dance experience of their lives.                                    [ Full Article >>]
>>> dance tickets on sale now!
November 19, 2003
espr's the dance party of the year has tickets for sale and believe it or not they are on sale now! Get your ticket from hayden at 360 in napier, if that is not your buz? then try laser force also in napier, if this is still not your hearts desire you can obtain access through either simon, rufus, marc , hayden or  paul. Click on the link for more propaganda.              [ Full Article >>]
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