K sorry that just amused me so much, that i had to put it on!!!!!!!!
Neway... welcome to my lovely, embarrassing, but mostly LOVELY group of pictures!!!!!!
If u have some good pics, send them to me thru e-mail ( or on my sn: chelleliz02  thanks!
updated: Sept. 18th 7:45pm
Thanx for the pics Leslie, Sandrine, Carrie, Jason and Alice  :)
visit for more pics of the band :)
Leslie and I in Florida we make beautiful dwarves don't ya think??
Sandrine, Sarah and Megan... at our lovely lunch table
Beta Club Trip... why am i always the one being squished??
Holly, Rebecca, Leslie and Thomas during geometry class, no comment.. hehe
Sarah, Tracy and Leslie after field day... just to clear things up, Leslie has a flower in her mouth
Chewie, no one will see this pic, I PROMISE, would i lie to u???
Leslie, doing her "hula dance"
me, sarah, tracy... this is tracy's ummm u guys r sooooooooooo weird look... i see it a lot, i'm not sure why
The pyramid... it worked... for like 5 seconds
Tracy wearing my duck bill... quack quack!!!
Thomas, this is his "Drunk Look," but he's not drunk, atleast i don't think so, course it was during geometry
Mountain Dew... The drink of champions, meaning me and leslie :)
Leslie and I playin gladiator at after-prom... everything was padded, so how did i end up hurt?!?!?!
K i dunno what she was doing, but i'm assuming that she was enjoying it hehe
English class, again!
Me doing the hula dance... leslie forced me to put this on here
Me Jenifer P. and Sarah... i dunno why i was making this face, but if u haven't figured it out yet.. i tend to do stupid things when my pic is being taken.
Knight, Nicole and Thomas.... WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY PICS OF THOMAS???
Notice the picture of old jason hehe
This pic was my idea, it didn't work as well as i hoped it would
Me, Leslie, Joey, Jason and Thomas before Ms. Cooper's class... why does thomas look sooooo much like Noel??
I think this was after i hit him in the head with a pillow!! hehe
a stupid jason pic.... i didn't want him to feel bad bout not having a stupid pic :)
So much for trying not to sleep in class
Rachel and Michelle
i dunno why they felt the need to hang Piglet, poor ms. cooper
Forensics trip... I love this picture!!
Where else would u find a huge moose, except in Canada??
Me and Leslie posing... AGAIN!!
K Jason i give up, what WERE u doing??
Hmmm... Beta bus... member how nicole sang ms jackson with a country accent??
I call this picture "SURPRISE!!"
I love this pic... who cares if everyone that went by us stared?!?!?!?!
all i have to say is awwwww :)
K jason... u can't see it very well, but your over in the corner... i found another pic of you... hehe
Hehe... leslie's gonna hate me for puttin this on here it's worth it don't ya think??
Just a blast from the past, to make u think  "what happened to those cute lil boys?"
Sarah, Sandrine, and Sarah puttin on fake nails before prom... Sarah L. being the "queen" and Sarah F. and Sandrine, being her "royal subjects" hehe :)
AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! :):) Jason u look soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!
Rebecca and Carrie, Haha Rebecca, i found another pic of u too :) :) 
Carrie and her cute puppy :) awwww :)
Do u recognize these people?? Everyone has changed soo much :( I guess this pic won't ever let us forget washington tho will it??
Carrie and Kat, could we work on being a lil less happy, it depresses me ;)
How could i ever forget my FAVORITE class, Mr. Bradley's haha :)
Omg, rnt they so cute together, notice how much they look alike :)
I guess this is the sibling area :)
This is Fabrice and Sandrine... hehe they are sooooo adorable
Hehe, ok so i made EVERYONE at my table try on the duck bill... i should've taken more pics tho
Tracy, smiling, as she usually is :)
Awwww What a cute baby picture Sandrine!!!
k i honestly can't tell u who some of these ppl are, so to save the confusion, and embarassment... this is the band.
k i'm bored, i'll do first names :) if u don't kno who they are tho... ur prob not from bath :)
Megan, Amber, Sarah, Stefenie, Heather, Matt, Deshawn, Tiffany
Becky, Erin, Tracy, Me, Trista, Amber, Will, Jamie
Danny, Martina, Josh, Christin, Tiffany, Kirby, Heidi, Celine, Candace
Katie, Dessie, Sarah, sorry i dunno, Melanie, Mrs. Hooker, Brittany??, Sandrine, Alice, Alyson, Brittany
Suzie, Courtney, Sarah, Jason, Ashley, Kelly
(l-r) back: Carrie Hart, Jason Lancaster, Josh Hardbarger, Katie Plecker, Meagan Plecker, Me
middle: Rebekah Ady, Aaron Fitzgerald, Leslie Thornsbury, Chris Tolley, Kelly Cowden, Nathan Black
front: Heather Webb, Michael Ingram, William Wilhelm, i dunno, Trista Randozzo, Jenna Atkins, Diane Gibson

This is from Kindergarten
Sandrine was thinking "i never knew playing in a bucket could be this much fun" hehe ;)
My somethingth birthday Meagan, Rebecca, Rebekah, Kelly, Me, Katie, Diane
Soccer, i dunno what year: back: Nathan, Eric, Rebecca, Josh, Bryan, Me, Justin,
Justin, William, Jason, Johnnie, Kelly, Korey, Zachary
Here's Tracy at..... umm i don't kno where... somewhere in Myrtle Beach
Never say i don't put embarassing pictures of myself on here, i just make them smaller :)
Sandrine and the Monkey
Mandy, the lost tenor player.... hope ur having fun at college... we still play evil ways for ya!!!!!!!!
Sandrine and Sarah at Myrtle Beach...hehe member the turtle????