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The Exercise Science Students Association
The acronym ESSA stands for the Exercise Science Students Association. Located in room 301 of the Drummond Science building on the Loyola Campus (7141 Sherbrooke West), Montreal, QC, Canada.

All students who enroll in Exercise Science automatically fall under the umbrella of the Exercise Science Student Association. The ESSA fulfills a dual role for its members, on the one hand it assures that students integrate with ease to the Exercise Science community and on the other, it provides assistance to aid the new student in handling the academic challenges presented to them over the course of their three years in the program.

The Exercise Science Student Association was developed by students for the benefit of students. Like most student-run associations, our goals are to introduce the student body to a diversified student life style.

Our goals are to:

            Help the students enjoy the next 3 years spent in our program to there fullest.

             Create long lasting bonds with other students, professors and people involved with the program.

             Work together with our student body and teaching staff to help perfect the program as best as possible.

        ESSA is composed of 12 members. Four members per year of study are elected by their respective peers. ESSA is proud to announce the current members for the 2004-200 year.


President: Angela Alberga
Vice President, Internal: J. Kirby Pablo
Vice President, Finance: Carolyn Waters
Vice President, External: Marcel Calpito

2nd year representatives

Jasmine Sterle-Contala
Alicia Krenlinstin
Jesse Whyte
Steve Zsabo

1st year representatives

None as of yet

ESSA has put much effort and countless hours towards bettering student life. Some of our accomplishments have been:

Running the Student Learning Lab
           Buying equipment to help improve the Learning Lab. Ex.: Full body skeleton, Books for the Library
 Subsidising more than half of the cost for 1 weekend to the Kinesiology Games
 Organisation of the Blood Drive and Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

        These objectives could not have been achieved without fundraisers. Through out the year we have many events, which help raise funds for the accomplishments that we have and hopefully will continue to attain.

        ESSA is a strictly volunteer-based association. The members who are elected to represent you as a student of the Exercise Science program at Concordia dedicated much time to maximizing the students’ 3 years experience at Concordia University.

Our fundraisers, including our famous “Summer in November” party, are enjoyed by many Concordia students as well as other university students. Great fun is always at the heart of our events for our guests as well as our volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at one of our events, voice your interest when the next oportunity arises!

Revised by J. Kirby Pablo (05/04)