Hello to the new friends of essabah

for an authentic and open school

 Office of Wilawa

 B.P. N° 55 Blida

Cedex N° 1

Essabah Association  


 for protection and émancipation to school


arabic is our Language

The Islam is our religion   

Algeria is our fatherland   **  the Amazigh are our ancestor   **  The Islam is our religion  **  The arabic is our Language  ** 

the Amazih are our


Algeria is our






El Bab



Mesdjid  El Kawthar



Definition of the association

article 2: the association names himself Association Essabah for the Protection of the school and    his/her/its Emancipation (A.E.P.E.E.)               

article 3: c ' is an association scientific ,culturelle and social, elle  gives himself how objective the following goals:        

main goals

1.  To work to the emancipation of the school and son  opening.

2. to protect the respect and the honorabilité of the  éducative family.

3. to forbids tea school and his/her/its environment of leeways and social vices.

 other goals

 The association applies to distribute the culture of the peace, of the fraternité,de solidarity, of the mutual respect, and of the conviction of the duty achievement before the complaint of rights.

     The association  sustains  et  pushes all gaits of all teachers,  les éducateurs  formative ,leses, without distinction for  l'acquisitions of their social droits s and more particulièrement,les decent domestic lodging.

association œuvre  by all legitimate and legal means to reach his/her/its goals other entre : she/it cooperates with all parts concerned the tutelage ,les professors, the formative teachers ,les ,les educators, parents, pupils, specialists, researchers,…. She/it will organize conferences, of proceedings ,des meetings, of visits, of contests, of exhibitions. Her encouragea  the survey and the scientific and educational research, so que  the writing, the edition and the diffusion. She/it will commemorate the adequate opportunities.

    She/it doesn't commit to ne  to work to the réalisation  d'autres goals but those  déclarés.


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