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Fantasy of the Novel

Hi! Welcome to my site! This is Essi. My page is on fantasy and any books of that genre, especially Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, and anyone else who might interest you or me. Let me know if you have any comments.


I am updating again! Yessir, believe your eyes, I have updated! I have an Elfwood gallery so if you have the chance, please check that out. I also have pictures uploaded. Links to some steelsings pages are up. I basically deleted the Non-Fantasy part of my website, so all the pages that used to be there are now here. Feel free to click and take a peek. I will try to have Aesque's profile tonight, and work some more on the Tammy page. I would like to express my deep sorrow that terrorists could do such horrible things and wish the best to the survivors/family members of victims involved in the terrorist attacks yesterday. Thanks, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, flames, concerns, or fears, please email me.

A new story will be posted whenever I have new stories to post. Start sending in any stories you've got!

Best Books
These are all the books I have read that are deemed good enough to be on my page. Take it with you to the library next time.

Tamora Pierce
This entire page is devoted to Tamora Pierce and her books. (Sorry about the Joanne Bertin one, it's under major construction.)

Adopted Creatures
My adopted mythical creatures reside on this page.

Sir Quasar's Profile
My RPG character in a Tortall RPG - Quay's profile.

Fantasy of the Novel Mailing List
Join my mailing list!!

Take a look!

My Elfwood Gallery
I haven't drawn much in while, but feel free to visit and leave a comment. I'd appreciate it!

Live Journal
My Live Journal. It's an online journal that I use to keep my daily thoughts in. Learn more about me.

Nothing yet. If you have a link you'd like me to put on my page, please let me know.

Mentoring Page
If you have any questions at all about the mentoring system at the Steelsings RPG, please consult this page. It also has a list of mentors and the fledglings they have.

Steelsings Slang
Slang we use at Steelsings, essential if you want to understand what on earth we are talking about at that looney place.

How A Bill Becomes A Law
This was actually a project for NSL class, but in case you're interested in how a bill becomes a law in the United States, please click here. Otherwise, bypass this link.

This page is about the Disney movie, Mulan!! It's one of my favorite movies. I have the lyrics and some midis to download.

Rape of Nanking
This is my speech in English. Although it is a school report, I do feel passionately about this topic, so please read if you have the chance.

We Didn't Start the Fire
The famous song sung by Billy Joel. I had a project in 8th grade in which I had to identify every single event song. I had a horrible time with it. I resolved to put this information on a site for everyone to use, so they wouldn't have to go through that torture. Here it is people, it's a bit ugly, but it has the info and that's all that counts!

Chat Room
My guess is that no one will ever be in here, but I use it to train fledglings and other stuff. Feel free to use for any purpose (as long as it's appropriate).

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Go Bush!!!!

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Thanks for visiting my site. Please let me know if you have any comments.

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