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The Energies of the Crystal Dragons was Channelled to me Jay Burrell on the 10th August 2005 as I was dedicating my Dragon Eggs to the Energies of the Dragon Realm.

On The Evening of this Dedication I went out into the garden and sat under my Grounding tree.

I placed 3 Dragon Eggs between my hands in prayer position and raised them above my head then I asked the Dragons to bless the Eggs with their Energies and to also bless me.

What happened next was totally unexpected.


I could feel the Dragon Energy coming in through my fingertips flowing through each stone then travelling down through all my Chakras opening and cleansing each one as it flowed through them down into mother Earth.

When I could feel the Energies calming down I heard in my mind a loud rough voice telling me that I had just received the Attunements and knowledge of the Crystal Dragons and that this knowledge and set of Spiritual Attunements should be passed onto as many people as possible to prepare us all for the hard times that are coming.

I was told that a great Energy Shift of Planet Earth was on its way and that the Dragons were going to make themselves known to us again at this time to help us through this transition.

The Dragons are here with us now but they live at a higher Vibration than we do, this is why we do not see them as often now days.

This system is not a Healing System.

I was told that the 3 Crystal Dragon Attunements were for Spiritual Development and Spiritual Progression.


The Crystal Dragons

Clear Quartz Dragon

The clear quartz dragon is the Greatest Dragon healer of all the Dragon species.

He will work on all areas of your life, Spiritually, Physically and Mentally bringing Clarity and Clearing to all the body's Chakras and Auric Field.

His name is ALBAZIN


Rose Quartz Dragon

The Rose Quartz Dragon has a very special Energy.

She is the Dragon of Love, Family, Nurturing, Compassion, Relationships and Peace.

Her Energies will work with you to Clear and Balance the Heart Chakra releasing any Grief, Depression and Unhappiness from your life to allow you to truly love others and more importantly to LOVE YOURSELF.

Her name is Azrabel


Amethyst Dragon

The Amethyst Dragon is the Dragon of Protection, Courage and Dreams.

He will wrap his mighty Wings around you when you feel threatened or need his protection.

The Amethyst Dragon will scare away anyone wishing you harm by showing himself to them.

He will also visit you in your dreams where you can go on a magical flight with him.

Just ask the Amethyst dragon to come to you while you sleep.


His name is Morvan


Dragon Meditation

Take 3 Deep breaths in and out and relax.

We are going to be going on a Meditation to meet your dragon Guide.

You are standing on a cliff.

To your right the ocean expands as far as your eyes can see. The waves are crashing into the cliff as the salty mist sprays onto your body. To your left, a large cavern opens which has been carved by the sea a long time ago. Everything is damp and water is dripping from the roof of the Cavern. Stalactites and stalagmites cover the ceilings and floors of this cavern.

You step inside and stare in awe at the beauty of the rock. It glistens and sparkles, as the quiet drip, drip, drip of the stalactites echoes through the room. Walking around you find a piece of rock in the center that forms a beautiful throne. It is completely smooth and glistens with the crystals and minerals deposited by the sea. The constant drip, drip, drip lulls you into a perfect state of being. You feel completely at peace in this room.


You sit on the throne, completely relaxed and close your eyes.

You have heard about this cavern. It is called the Mouth of the Dragon. It is completely carved by the elements and it is said that this is where Merlin trained Arthur in his early years.

Sitting here now, feeling the peace and contentment that floods your being, you can completely understand why others have come here. Relaxing, your mind floats to what Merlin might have taught Arthur all those years ago.

"Wake child." A deep voice resonates through your body and mind. You jump up startled and rub your eyes. You were so relaxed; you never realized you were even sleeping. You look around the room, but see nothing. You giggle to yourself, just an overactive imagination you shrug.

Standing and stretching, you know you must leave this beautiful cavern, and a sense of loss tugs at your soul. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, a tiny shadow moves across the glittering wall. Intrigued, you slowly walk over to where you saw the shadow.


Looking around the huge mineral deposits dotting the floor, you see nothing. Disappointed, you turn to leave the Dragons Mouth.

"It isn't time for you to leave, child." Turning, you see a man, clothed in white, walking toward you. He is very old; his hair is pure white and hangs down past his shoulders. His beard lays in curls down his chest and He holds a beautifully twisted staff made of oak that is covered in carved symbols and Crystals that seem to pulse and glow with an unseen energy.

"Greetings," he says as he bows, "I have come to help you meet your Dragon."

"Greetings, Great One," You reply bowing in return. You know without a doubt that this is Taliesin, the Lord of Dragons, known also as Merlin, King Arthur's teacher.

"Come follow me."

He turns and walks deeper into the cavern. You follow as the butterflies begin to flutter in your belly. "Sit there," He points his staff towards the rock throne. Nodding your head in understanding, you sit, relaxing back into the cool stone.


"now close your eyes and listen to my words."

Then he begins to chant.

His voice completely reverberating through your being.

" Cumhachdach Draconis,

Mi Faighnich T'Cabhair"

Opening your eyes, a very thick mist covers the floor swirling and twisting around your legs. You sit up as you notice something approaching you. Looking up, you see a beautiful Dragon. Covered in scales that glisten and sparkle, the Dragon approaches your throne. Notice its color and size. Introduce yourself to this ancient being, standing and bowing deeply. Open your heart to this Dragon and allow it to see inside. Closing your eyes, you feel a static electric energy penetrate your body. This is the Dragons Breath that searches your heart, and clears away all ills. A deep sound reverberates your body, and upon opening your eyes, you see your Dragon laying in front of you purring. Sit down and speak with your Dragon. Take your time, and revel in the presence of this ancient being. Open your heart, home and life to the presence of your new found Guardian. Ask its name, share thoughts, ideas and dreams.


"Cumhachdach Draconis,

Mi Faighnich T'Cabhair"

As you begin to hear Taliesin's voice again you know it is time to go. Thank the Dragon for all you have shared. This guardian is a great protector and teacher.

"You have only need to call,"

The Dragon speaks, "And I will be there."

Bowing, you return to your throne and close your eyes. You feel the mist hug and twist around your body. You inhale the sweet misty smell and on your exhale you open your eyes. Before you stands the White One.

"What you have been shown is a very great blessing. The Dragon is a powerful teacher and ally in your life quest. Offer thanks and leave in peace." He turns and walks away disappearing before your very eyes.

Rising from your seat, you thank the powers that be for leading you here. As you walk to the entrance of the Dragons Mouth, you feel something on your shoulder.


You turn and see you're Dragon, now very tiny, riding on your shoulder. "I am always with you." You hear its voice in your ear. Smiling you step outside as the warm sun pours down onto your body.

Take three deep breaths and when you are ready you can open your eyes.

You now have now met with you Guardian Dragon and he will always be with you, Helping and Guiding you on your spiritual Path.

You can come back to this place at any time to meet new dragon Friends.


The Chakra System

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centres in the body. Each of these centres correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition the chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colours, sounds, body functions, and much, much more.

There are 7 Main Chakras in the human body starting at the top of the head and ending at the base of the Spine.

These Chakras are called:








Following is a Brief description of each Chakra.


Crown Chakra


Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge

This is the crown chakra that relates to consciousness as pure awareness.

It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, space less place of all-knowing.

When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.


Brow/3rd Eye Chakra


Light, Archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection

This chakra is known as the brow chakra or third eye center.

It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively.

As such it opens our psychic faculties and our understanding of archetypal levels.

When healthy it allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us "see the big picture."


Throat Chakra


Sound, Creative identity, oriented to self-expression

This is the chakra located in the throat and is thus related to communication and creativity.

Here we experience the world symbolically through vibration, such as the vibration of sound representing language.


Heart Chakra


Air, Social identity, oriented to self-acceptance

This chakra is called the heart chakra and is the middle chakra in a system of seven.

It creates a bridge between the Lower Chakras and the Higher Chakras.

The Colour of this Chakra is Green but it can also be seen as Pink

It is related to love and is the integrator of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity.

A healthy heart chakra allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, and have a deep sense of peace and centeredness


Solar Plexus


Fire, Ego identity, oriented to self-definition

This chakra is known as the power chakra, located in the solar plexus middle of the stomach.

It rules our personal power, will, and autonomy, as well as our metabolism.

When healthy, this chakra brings us energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, and non-dominating power


Sacral Chakra


Water, Emotional identity, oriented to self-gratification

The second chakra, located in the abdomen, lower back, and sexual organs, This Chakra deals with our emotions and sexuality.

It connects us to others through feeling, desire, sensation, and movement.

Ideally this chakra brings us fluidity and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfilment, and the ability to accept change.


Base Chakra


Earth, Physical identity, oriented to self-preservation

Located at the base of the spine, this chakra forms our foundation.

This Chakra is related to our survival instincts, and to our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical plane.

Ideally this chakra brings us health, prosperity, security, and dynamic presence.


Chakra Meditation

Lie or sit in a relaxed and comfortable position, as you would for any meditation. Your spine should be straight and your head in alignment with your body. This meditation is in script mode, should one want to tape it and listen to it while performing the meditation. It is preferable to learn about energy and the methods of balancing, cleansing and charging the chakras and allow one's own inner voice to lead the meditation. The following is just one way of performing this balancing. Allow your meditations to evolve and to reflect your individual values and beliefs. If taped, a slow, deliberate pace should be used with a mild voice and the appropriate pauses. The body should already be relaxed and the mind tranquil when beginning this meditation.

Eyes are closed.

"Now that you are relaxed and feeling very much at peace, take a moment to ground yourself here in this moment, in this body, in this place, in this time......Take some deep breaths....In.... and out....In....and out....Follow the breath as it flows toward your nostrils, as it enters your nose, as it fills your lungs and then as it is expelled. That's it; just relax into this quiet moment. Breathe in...Follow your breath... and out. In and out.

Feel where your body meets the (chair/bed/floor). Become aware of your body from head to toe, of your weight, of the heaviness of your limbs. Now focus on the area at the base of the spine, the area between your legs. This is the root chakra.


Its energy is red, and it governs your physical body, your physical health and vitality. In your mind, study the appearance of this chakra...note its colour and vitality. Mentally envision the chakra and note any symbolic symptoms of disease or unbalance. Have you been caring well for your body? If your chakra is dusty, dirty, torn, or otherwise less than a perfectly brilliant red whirling vortex, imagine your hands (or those of a guide) working on the chakra.

If it is dirty, clean away the dirt and throw it into an imaginary pail with a lid. Allow those hands to repair any imperfections, and when the chakra is clean, mentally take the pail and hurl it into the sun. Watch it as it travels through space and then bursts into a zillion bits of energy upon solar contact. Allow the sun to recycle this energy back into the universe.

Now turn your attention back to the root chakra. It is a clean and red. You are surrounded by infinite root energy. Imagine the room glowing red with this energy, feel its strength and power. See red swirls of energy flowing to your root chakra. You can feel this as a tingling as the energy fills your root chakra. As the energy swirls in your chakra grows large and deep red and strong. Allow the energy to fill your chakra until it is so vital that it extends several feet out from your body. In your mind you can see your root chakra, a brilliant red swirling vortex of physical energy.

Now turn your focus up to your abdomen, to the area of the "womb." (Or where the womb would be if you're a man). This is the orange chakra, that which controls clear thinking and creativity. Take a moment to observe the chakra. Note its colour, its vitality. Is it clean and strong? Or is there work to be done here? Allow those invisible hands to cleanse the chakra, to repair or heal it. Discard any imperfections in the pail, and send the pail to the sun to recycle the energy.


Now focus on the orange chakra again. It is now clean and whole, and a bright orange. Call out to the universe for orange creative energy and feel the space around you begin to glow orange. With a tingle you feel the energy begin to swirl into your chakra, charging it with vitality, with creativity, with clear-thought. Watch as your orange chakra grows and whirls, until it extends out from your body for several feet, just as the red root chakra is still whirling and strong.

Now, turn from the red chakra, up through the orange chakra, to the solar plexus. This is the heart of the yellow chakra, that which governs will and ambition. Take a few moments to examine this chakra. Note it's color and appearance. Have you been lazy of late, or perhaps too driven? Examine your will through this chakra. Allow the invisible hands to cleanse the chakra and heal it, discarding any imperfections or impurities in the pail. Send the pail to the sun for recycling.

Now return your attention to the yellow chakra, that of will. It is now clean and a bright yellow. 'Universe, send me yellow energy, will energy, energy to achieve my goals, to work for that which I value and desire.' Feel the yellow energy surrounding your body, and with a tingle feel the energy swirl into your solar plexus. In your mind you can see your red/root chakra glowing, whirling, your orange/womb chakra pulsing brilliantly, and your yellow/solar plexus chakra glowing strongly, extending several feet out from your body.

Now turn your attention to the middle of your chest, to the heart chakra, the green chakra. You may feel an instant wave of emotion. This chakra governs your feelings, your emotional connections to others and to the universe, to life itself. Examine this chakra. Note its colour, vitality, any impurities. Gently allow those invisible hands to cleanse and purify the chakra.


Reflect a moment on how you've been feeling emotionally lately. Are there bindings holding in pain? Or is the chakra tight and hard with anger? Release any tensions, imperfections or impurities to the pail. Send them to the sun for recycling. They are still yours if you choose to hold them, but for now, release any pain or anger.

Now focus back on the heart chakra. It is clean and a beautiful green colour. It whirls strongly and evenly. 'Universe, send me green energy for my heart! Open my heart to the world, to all beings big and small, with compassion for our shared experiences and journey. Fill my heart with love energy, that I may in turn give love to others.' Feel the green energy whirling into your heart. Watch the chakra grow and glow and spin with this new energy. From the red chakra through the orange chakra through the yellow chakra through the green chakra, your chakras are cleansed and charged and huge with energy.

Now focus on the throat, center of the blue chakra which governs communication and personal magnetism. Examine the chakra, noting the colour and any imperfections... Perhaps you haven't been honouring your own beliefs and speaking out when you should. Or perhaps you've been talking over others, or not listening well. Perhaps you've been feeling shy and afraid to extend your energy in communication. Allow the hands to heal and cleanse the chakra and when finished, send the impurities to the sun for recycling.

Now the chakra is clean and strong and bright blue. Feel the air fill with blue universal energy. Feel the throat open as this energy swirls into the throat chakra. This energy charges your aura with magnetism, drawing others to you. Feel your throat open with this swirling, strong blue energy.


Now focus on the middle of your forehead, the third eye. This chakra is indigo and governs psychic vision and intuition. Examine the chakra for imperfections. Perhaps it is locked up due to fear. Perhaps it no longer spins out of neglect/stagnation. Allow the hands to cleanse the chakra, to heal any imperfections and recycle them in the sun. Now look at the chakra. It is a beautiful deep indigo, clean and whirling. There is psychic energy available to you beyond measure. Feel it charge the air, swirl in and around and fill your third eye chakra with deep, vital indigo energy. Feel the third eye open, and note any mental visions as this occurs. Now is a good time to pray for increased psychic power. Note the red/root chakra, the orange/womb chakra, bright, strong, and big! Move your attention up to the yellow/solar plexus chakra, to the green/heart chakra, open and brilliant, to the blue/throat chakra and the indigo/third eye chakra. Your chakras are huge, whirling, and fully charged.

Now focus your attention at the crown of your head. This chakra is violet near the body, fading to white further away. This chakra governs your connection to the universe/God/Goddess/The Creator, etc... This chakra is like an umbilical cord to "home." Reflect on your spirituality of late, examine the chakra and allow any healing needed. In my experience this chakra generally needs much less work than the others. Allow the hands to heal, to cleanse, and recycle the discarded energy in the sun. Now examine the chakra. It is brilliantly violet, glowing white around the outside. Mentally reach out to that which you consider your "source..." to "God" or the Universe. Feel the response, the energy flowing back to you. Pray for the peace and joy of a strong crown chakra connection. Feel the violet energy flowing in, a loving embrace of your whole self, of your soul. See the crown chakra grow enormous, and the white energy surround your body.


All your chakras are now clean, charged and in balance. From the red/root chakra, to the orange/womb chakra, to the yellow/solar plexus chakra, to the green/heart chakra, to the blue/throat chakra, to the deep purple/third eye to the violet/crown, your chakras are spinning and whirling, full of energy and vitality. See the white energy that extends up and out from the crown chakra enveloping your whole body in a egg of white energy. You are completely refreshed, calm, and peaceful. Your energy is balanced. You are full of vitality.


The Crystal Dragon Attunements are to be performed in person or distantly using a Proxy.

I place a Chair in front of me with a Pillow sitting on it to represent the Student being attuned.

There are 3 Attunements for Crystal Dragons that must have a minimum of a 5 Day gap between each one.

The First is the connection to the Clear Quartz Dragon Energies. The Second is to the Energies of the Rose Quartz Dragon and the Third is the final connection to the Energies of the Amethyst Dragon + the Dragon Key




When you are receiving these Attunements it is better for you to lay down somewhere comfy so you can fully relax.

At the appointed time for the Attunement place the Appropriate Dragon Egg on your Heart Chakra and say the following:


Then just relax for 20-30 minutes.

The Crystal Dragon Key

During continuous Meditation with the Crystal dragon Energies I was shown a Key.


This Key is used to open the Doors to the Crystal dragon Realms.

I contacted a very dear friend of mine to tell her what I had been given and she told me that she could see the Key in her minds eye Glowing in a bright Yellow/Golden colour.

This felt right.

There are many other dragon Realms, Earth, Air, Fire and water to name a few but the Crystal dragons are the overseas of these realms


The Key will be Ethericaly placed into both Palm Chakras, Heart Chakra and 3rd Eye Chakra during the last Crystal Dragon Attunement.

This will allow Visual and physical Experiences of these Realms and the dragons that live there.

Attunement Procedure

Prepare the room by lighting some candles and/or burning some incense or aromatherapy oils.


Stand behind the chair and raise you hands high above your head.

Call upon the Energies of the Dragon Realm and the Crystal Dragons.

You will know when these energies are flowing because you hands and fingers will start to tingle and sometimes shake.

State you intention for the student to be attuned to Crystal Dragon level 1, 2 or 3 then perform the following Attunement procedure

1. Place you hands on top of the Students head to gain an Energetic Rapport with them.

2. When you feel this connection draw the Master Dragon Symbol into their Crown guiding it down through all Energy Centres then back up to rest at the base of the skull.

3. Now draw the appropriate Crystal Dragon Level Symbol into their Crown Chakra moving it down to the Level of the Brow Chakra.

Level 1 -Clear Quartz Dragon symbol

Level 2- Rose Quartz Dragon symbol

Level 3 - Amethyst Dragon symbol

4. Move to the front of the Student and Draw the Same symbol into their Heart Chakra seeing it enter the flower of the heart Chakra to become the Dragon Egg.


This is where the Dragon Eggs will be placed Ethericaly during the Attunement.

5. Place your left hand over the Heart Chakra and your Right hand at the back of the neck and say:


6. During the 3rd Crystal Dragon Attunement you will be placing the Crystal Dragon Key into the Palm Chakras, heart chakra and 3rd eye Chakra.

See this symbol glowing as it enters the Body

The Attunement is now complete.

Thank the Energies of the Dragons for being with you and the Student during these attunements

I hope you have enjoyed reading the Manual and will enjoy your connections to the Crystal Dragon Energies.

If you have any Questions please feel free to contact me


< Many Dragon Blessings>

Jay Burrell (White Eagle)

Reiki Master/Teacher

Dragon Reiki Master/Teacher

Lightarian Institute Facilitator


Crystal Dragon Symbols

Clear Quartz Dragon symbol



Rose Quartz Dragon symbol



Amethyst Dragon Symbol



Crystal Dragon Master Symbol


Always draw this symbol at the beginning of the Attunements

Crystal Dragon Key Symbol


Use your intuition and inner guidance to draw this symbol there is no right or wrong way.

All information in this Manual is copyrighted to livingreiki Therapies.


Any unauthorised use of this information is prohibited without written consent from myself first.