Welcome to the newest and cheapest way to get Magic The Gathering singles! Your probably wondering why our prices are so low and that this place must be a scam but it's not! Places try to make big money off singles because they know people will pay it but here we aren't concerned about our bottom line, we care about you, the magic players out there.

We can offer these cards at such low prices mainly because we don't buy them new. We mostly get our cards off e-bay, yes you heard it right e-bay the auction site. The next time you bid on a collection know that you might be bidding against us. We then sell the cards as singles and try to make a profit off it. We price our cards at around 1/3 of the price the card would go for on anycraze.com. Yes that's 75% off. However please note that not all cards are mint. All cards will be at the very least in excellent condition but most being near mint to mint.

However in order to bring you these great savings this site is also ad supported however there will NEVER BE ANY POP-UPS OR POP-UNDERS on this site what so ever. I personally hate these and I know you do to. However there will be banners and other ads.

Here's the best part you don't even need a credit card to order online! All you need is a bank account and that's it! Just sign up for Papal, which only takes a few minutes, and your all set. Also, we accept all major credit cards through Paypal, but you don't need to sign up. If you would prefer to pay either by money order, concealed cash, or check please e-mail us so we can send you the address.

Please note that this website is not part of a major business or corporation, in fact it's run by people just like you. We are magic players ourselves and we know it takes money to play magic we are here to make it cheaper. For a list of our singles please click any of the Links Below.

Please note that is this defintely a work in progess and will be constantly updated and hopefully improved.

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