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Ariadna Heisterkamp
Snacks Menu
Arepas de Carne Mechada: 
(round maize loaves of larded meat)
*Jamon y/o Queso:(of ham/Cheese)
*Pollo:  (of chicken)
We aim to please the customers that want to taste the real Latin American flavour as well as impressing their friends, collegues and their families.
EsTablo SnAcks offers the delicious Latino American catering for celebrations, meetings or banquets in Brasschaat - Antwerp, Belgium.
Dips & Dressings
*Guasacaca (traditional dip for all sorts of meats)
*Tuna Mousse Terrine with Olives
*Salmon Mousse
*Blue Cheese Spread
*Pico de Gallo (Mild spicy Mexican)
*Real Onion Dip
*Cucumber- Garlic Dip
*Garlic Dip
*Mexicali Dip (Cheese & Avocado)
Tequenios: (cheese fingers)
With white cheese, with Mozarella, with Elemental, or with ham and cheese
Bolitas de Carne (meat balls)
Bolitas de queso (chees balls)
Scannone recipe, renown Venezuelan Chef!
Variety of Wraps made of mexican tortillas: Chees wraps, ham or turkey, beef, and much more.
We also offer a variety of cold snacks, depending on your event
and your amount of guests.
We have a variety of Mexican dishes that are fix as little snacks instead of a whole meal.
Cuban Sandwich which have been originated by cubans in Florida, USA.
HAYACAS is a  heavier
meal made of yellow corn
flour, filled with 3 types
of meat and vegetables,
folded in plantains leaves.
PAN DE JAMON, is the side dish with the Hayaca. FIlled with olives, raisins and ham
salad with potatoes, carrots
appels and other veggies.
is the national platter from
Venezuela: white rice, black
beans, shreded beef and fried platains.
PASTICHO is the Venezuelan version of the Lasagna. 4 Fromaggio/ meat or Vegetarian
Empanadas de harina de maiz de Queso:  (maize loaves of Cheese)
*Carne molida: (ground meat)
*Pollo:(of chicken)
Pastelitos de Picadillo (Flour dough with ground meat)
*Pollo (shreded chicken)
*Other types: Spinach, onion &cheese,
ham & cheese  veggies. 
Argentinean/Chilenean Style
Tu Rumbita
En espanol
Yuca Frita (fried mandioca)
Tostones con/sin queso Crema (fried plaintain with/ without cream chees)
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