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The Story of Roberto

There was once a poor boy named Roberto that had a really big dream, and that dream was to have a good looking girlfriend , well that doesnt look that hard, but for roberto it was really hard, because he was so ulgly and no one wanted to go out with him, so he bought a new suit , but he still looked ugly, so he decided to go to the gym to try to build up some muscle, and after 2 years of hard working, he went from a little skinny weak-looking boy to this, but he still wasn't impresive, he kept on working one more year, and the results were    

Now with a good body he went out to try to find a girlfriend, but after 3 months looking for love, he realized that he was homosexual and he fell in love with a beautiful guy named James Bond , but james obviously was heterosexual and when he found out that Roberto was in love with him, he kicked his butt. So even though Roberto was homesexual, his dream was to go out with a pretty girl, but the best thing he could get was this. Now ( fiva years later) roberto is married to a guy named Edward Aguilera(ladrillo) and has adopted 3 kids, all of them already homosexual. But he has a group of "friends" who with he has sexual adevntures every friday in  bar called    "Octopus", and the sexual objet he uses is a guitar .