Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Biography

The place to read about the joint history of the boys..

         Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. For awhile, most people didn't even really know who was who. They shared a dream and consequently the rewards (or awards as the case may be). Unfortunately, the pay off was to share an identity for a few years. By now, though, they are respected as a pair and as individuals. For all the movies they've appeared in together, each is doing more and more on his own. They still have a history, though.
         Ben and Matt didn't meet in an acting class or a classroom at Harvard (Ben went to the University of Vermont anyway). They met in Little League. Ben was eight and Matt was ten. They became best friends and shared common interests including a passion for acting. They were in the same drama group in high school and would take the train to New York City in order to audition. Once, when Ben was about fourteen, they thought they were auditioning for a movie, but were really auditioning for The Mickey Mouse Club. They were mortified when they realized it and didn't talk about it on the train ride back to Cambridge. After Matt went to Harvard and Ben finished high school, attended the University of Vermont for a semester and dropped out, the boys began to work on Matt's Good Will Hunting idea. They were trying to work as actors at the same time and would drive across the country from Massachusetts to Los Angeles (because Ben is afraid to fly). They landed roles in School Ties and always tried to be in each others movies. For example, Matt has small cameos in Ben's films like Chasing Amy and Glory Daze. As they drove back and forth, they worked on Good Will Hunting. Ben would drive and Matt would take notes. When they stopped, Ben would type everything up on their laptop. And thus was born Good Will Hunting. After it was written hey were trying to pitch it, but were adamant about also starring in the movie. A bold move and one that seemed to be hopeless until Miramax went along with it. The addition of Robin Williams made the cast very solid and the story made the movie very marketable. Then, in 1998, they won an Oscar for best screenplay. They were Hollywood's golden boys for quite sometime, but people were still confused about which was which. It was about this time that Armageddon came out. People decided that since Ben is obviously the sexy one, Matt must be the smart one. Eventually, teen girls everywhere swooned over not just Ben, but Matt too. And, also, eventually, people who read interviews and visited his website realized that Ben wasn't just the pretty one, but as well read as any Harvard grad with an eloquent knack for writing. The boys were different than everyone thought, but everyone still thought of them together-they still do!

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