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Master's Bath
As she rose before Him , the flicker of 100 candles dancing across her skin, shilohetted by light and darkness. Timid beauty , embarrassed by her nakedness, inviting Him with outstretched hands to join her. Waiting vigilantly for a sign , any sign, that she is what He desires.. A touch of His hand  as He brings her from her knees, the electricity hanging in the air as excitement fills her world . To be wanted by such a Man filling her with wonder and delight . Her hands reaching for His shirt . unbuttoning it one by one , her lips kissing each bare patch of skin as it becomes visable to her eyes . Softly stroking His chest as her hands slide the shirt from His shoulders , her cheek lowering to feel the smooth contours , the soft moans escapng from her lips as she lets the pleasure of His presence wash over her in waves .
made by shar for Hemish