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Miami to PalmBeach

It is better in the Bahamas ...

Time flies when you're having fun. Ain't that the truth. This March marks our second year anniversary of living aboard our boat. And people still ask us what we do with the time! Going from Key West, Fl to Jekyll Island, Ga may take a day by car, but if you plan to explore the scenic coastal towns along the way, it'll take some time. These are the voyages of Mai Thai. Between charting and deciding on marinas or anchorages, we get plenty busy when we are cruising. Once on land, we have to deal  with the logistics on our car and the endless tasks of maintaining the boat. Our passion for discovering/exploring quaint old towns or big cities keep us intrigued. Making new friends and listening to their sea stories keep us inspired.

Ahh...the islands of the Bahamas. We've heard and read so much about these magical islands - idyllic anchorages surrounded by crystal clear waters, picturesque villages, conch fritters and shells. Finally, our dreams to cruise their beautiful waters came true this year! Read about our cruise  in the Bahamas page.

video - The Abacso
video - Lynyard Cay
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What we did

  • Dec 7, 2002 to Apr 1, 2003: Rickenbacker Marina, Key Biscayne, across the bridge from scintillating Miami.
  • Apr 1 - Apr 6: Gunkholing around the northern FL keys (Sands, Boca Chita and Elliot Key)
  • Apr 7 - 17: Miami - Palm Beach.    
  • Apr 18 - May 18: The Abacos, Bahamas
  • May 18 - May 25: Ft Pierce - St Augustine
  • May 26: arrived at Ortega River Boat Yard and Marina, Jacksonville.
  • Sep 14-17: Destin, Florida and Columbus, Georgia with the Hanshus
  • Nov: Drove north and visited friends and family in Ashville, Durham, Philly, NJ, Connecticut and Boston.
  • Nov 12 - 19: Help Sophal's aunt celebrate her 80th birthday in Paris, France
  • Dec 19 - Jan 4, 2004: The Florida loop by car from Jacksonville to St Pete via Gainesville, to N. Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Marco Island, Marathon and Vero Beach.
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