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Zebulun at anchor

Oct 9 Family visiting us at Solomons Island were returning home to Boston. We hitched a ride with them to Newport, Rhode Island so we can help Tom take his boat Zebulon down south. We had met him and his wife in Virginia. They had sailed the boat to Maine for the summer, and in between work and schedules, left Zebulon on a mooring in Newport. It was starting to get cold, and they needed to bring it down to their Florida home as soon as possible. At Newport, after we got reacquainted with Tom, we walked to a supermarket nearby to do our provisioning for the next several days. Back on the boat, we made dinner and discussed about the trip. We  left Newport the next morning - a frigid Monday morning, I might add. The temperature was 45 degrees with wind gust of 25 - 30 knots, swells of 4' waves 1 minute apart.  Needless to say, the seas were rough and brrr, was  it cold.  Water sprayed over the bow God knows how many times.  Eileen went down below and got sick (and wanted to get off ASAP. You know that feeling?).  We decided to anchor early, about 14:00 at Plum Island (no, not Mass, but at the entrance to Long Island Sound. The anchorage was so quiet  it was like day and night.

The next day found calm seas with 6-9 knots wind from the west.  It was much better, but still cold.  Tom sailed with the jib for a few hours.  At 09:30, we heard the Coast Guard calling us on the VHF radio.  Tom talked to them about registration and stuff.  Everything checked out ok, and we proceeded our merry way.  Going down the East River, we ran with the current at Hell Gate and Zebulon got up to 12.4 knots - a record!  We were the only pleasure boat around. It was neat seeing FDR Drive, packed with traffic of course, from the river. 

We got to New York City just before sunset.  The Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty were simply magnificent, and was the highlight of the trip.  We were busy snapping pictures when a small coast guard patrol boat chased after us.  We had no idea that the harbor was secured from sunset to sunrise (our radio was off for some time, and theirs was not working either, so we shouted over to each other), but we were already approaching Verazzano bridge.  We apologized and they let us by.   

Statue of Liberty at sunset

We took advantage of the nice sea conditions by doing an overnight - a new experience for us. Tom and Sophal took turns watching;  it's somewhat a blur now - it was so cold they had donned at least 4 layers of clothing complete with gloves and hat...we got to Cape May some time during the day and got fuel there, then ran over to Lewes, Delaware at the mouth of Delaware Bay just in time for another lovely sunset. 

The next day was a beautiful sunny 78 degrees.  Since we had made good time, we took it easy this morning.  We dinghied in to town, enjoyed coffee in a local bakery, did some errands in this quiet retiree town.  It felt gooood to be on land!  We didn't get back to the boat until noon.  The Delaware Bay was a little rough, but it paled in comparison to the first day of the trip.  We cruised up the C&D Canal, and anchored on the Chesapeake side near red marker 16.  A lovely quiet area.  As we started to make dinner, flies flew in and never left!  Tom and Eileen spent the next morning swatting flies.  They seemed to have reproduced themselves overnight!!!

Oct 12  This was now Friday. We had to get to Solomons Island because we have boat show tickets at Annapolis Saturday.  Luckily, the weather was nice, and we made it there around 16:30.  After we  anchored and had a cocktail, Tom was going to dinghy us back to our boat.  A police patrol came by and warned that if we didn't have registration for the dinghy, he was going to have to slap us with a $75 fine, if we took it out.  Apparently, all states have the same law, but Maryland REALLY enforces it.  Tom had to row his dinghy to shore, and we walked back to our marina. We got together the next evening to do laundry (our excitement for a Saturday night).

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