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Trip's Log

Date: Mar 12 to Mar 18

Total Distance: 160 nm
Route: ICW - Fernandina Beach, Brunswick, Moon River, Savannah, Port Royal Sound

Click on the map for a bigger image. The purple line is the ICW route.

Mar 12 Left anchor at 8:50. Boy, were we in for some excitement.  As we passed through St Mary's entrance, we saw a partially submerged submarine at a pier (sorry, no details).   Then as we went around Jekyll Point, Georgia, we stared in awe at a sunken ship.  We putted along to Brunswick Landing Marina for fuel, but people were out to lunch because it was around 12:00.  We left and headed for Golden Isles Marina.  There was hardly any boat around except for a coast guard patrol boat, who decided to board us.  Fortunately, everything checked out ok.  No drugs or illegal immigrants on board.  But they did warn us that the waters here is very shallow.  We knew that all along.  The approach to the marina was confusing.  There were markers all over the place.  Every which way we turned, it got shallower and shallower.  We stopped to study at the chart. The  Coast Guard sat on the sidelines watching us.  When we thought we were going in the right direction, they radioed us to go the way we had come from.  We were so confused, not to mention embarrassed.  Later, they told us to follow them, and then left us to follow the range markers (something new to us). 

Docked Submarine

Sunken Ship

St Simons Island, one of Georgia's Golden Isles, is enchanting, a place where time sits still.  We stayed at the Golden Isles Marina. It has a pool, nice clean showers, a courtesy car, and a couple of restaurants on site.  We recommend it highly even though we had horrible winds that caused some serious rocking and rolling.  Our boat banged against the docks like never before.  To make matters worse, we heard earlier that the DOW had slipped 400 points and the NASDAQ was now below 2000.  If it goes on like this, we might have to go back to work real soon :-( Still, we managed to get a somewhat good night's sleep.

Mar 13 We took our time leaving because we needed charts for Georgia, and the store didn't open until 09:00.  The marina delivered the paper and muffins to our boat.  How sweet.  Going out of the marina was a piece of cake, thank goodness.  We cruised for 62 nm before anchoring at Moon River for the night.  The river was lined with gorgeous homes with docks, and it looked so serene.  We anchored at 4.5 ft of water, but when we checked at midnight, the depth was 15 ft.  It confirmed our reading about the vast difference in tide for this region.

Mar 14 We pulled anchored at 09:17, and glided along the ICW.  The water was so calm it looked like a sheet of glass.  The last time we saw a reflection like that was at Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park.  At times, the water seems to be shimmering as the sun darted in and out of the clouds.  We stopped at Palmer Johnson Marina for the night.  And ended up here for 4 nights!  Must be that Krispy Kreme donuts that they kept delivering every morning :-)  Actually it was the work on the boat as well as St Patrick's Day Celebration that kept us  here. 

one of many ICW Sceneries

Mar 15 Apparently, a tornado came through the area this morning.  Winds of up to 40 knots were expected for the day. The Coast Guard was standing by at the marina. There was nothing we could do, so we just hung out in the laundry room and did loads of laundry.  Around 14:00, the storm disappeared.  Just like that. Jon and Peggy, on their way to Florida, stopped here for the night.  They arrived around 18:30.  After catching up with them, we walked over to Tubby's for dinner.  Apparently, we got there for the first sunset party of the season.  A band was playing outside.  You could sit inside or out.  There was even a swing at the entrance to the restaurant.  Real neat place. Not to mention fabulous food.

Mar 16 The next day, the marina people came to work on the boat.  The guys stayed behind while the gals went shopping since there was a car available.  After lunch, Peggy and Jon continued their trip to Florida.

Mar 17 St Patrick's Day.  It was the Savannah's biggest celebration of the year!  While at this marina, we ran into an interesting couple - John and Sandra of Air Force One - from Costa Rica.  We went partying with them on the streets of Savannah.  Spring was definitely in the air - the gardens and parks were blooming with beautiful azaleas.  The locals celebrated St Patrick's Day like it was New Year's Eve.  They went all out as to dye their hair, drink green beer, the whole nine yards.  The parade was fantastic.

Celebrating St Patty's Day in Savannah

Mar 18 We left the marina at 09:10, drove inside all day as the temperature hovered in the mid 50s with cloudy skies.  We saw lots of sailboats at Hilton Head, but decided to venture further.  We cruised for a total of 38 nm before anchoring at Port Royal Sound (SM 542) at 15:50.  We were the only boat around.  A dolphin swam around us all evening, but we couldn't capture the nimble creature on video. 

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