Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.
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Trip's Log

Date: Aug 5 to Sep 2

Total Distance: 120 nm
Route: Potomac River (Colonial Beach, Va), Chesapeake Bay (Solomons Island, Md)


Aug 5  It was sweltering in the nation's capital. Apparently, a heat wave would be in store for us the rest of the week. Lo and behold, our electrical system to the shore power broke down and fried all our appliances - microwave, TV, direct TV and VCR. And we thought this only happens to someone else... Luckily, we were able to run the generator to get the a/c going for the night, and to find an electrician at our marina to look into it the next day.

Aug 6  A/C is now all restored, but the mercury keeps climbing. At one point, when we got into our car - black color exterior, mind you - the temperature gauge read 107! Holy molly, it's even hotter than Malaysia! We will be in D.C. until the end of the month. We can hardly wait to explore all the museums, memorials and monuments. We are excited just thinking about it! 

Aug 10  A fellow live-aboard boater at our marina, who works in the U.S. Senate, offered to show us the U.S. Capitol. We took upon his kind offer.  We had the privilege of visiting his work area which is off limits to the general public. And we were also thankful for not having to wait in line under the scorching sun to enter the Capitol!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the nation's capital. The  museums are exceptional, and best of all, free. It is unbelievable. Our family, Phan and ChinVin, came to visit us the second week we were here. We visited Arlington National Cemetery, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial, most of the Smithsonian museums, the FBI, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  On the weekends, we cruised to Georgetown  and Alexandria with family friend Jacqueline and her family. We feasted on blue crabs and raw oysters, and good Vietnamese and Chinese food, which we haven't had in months.

Washington Monument in the background

Sep 1
  It is time to leave Washington, D.C.  We are glad because the spiders and their webs at the marina are really getting to us.  Jacqueline and her daughters, Vivien and Yenni, joined us for our trip to Solomons Island, Md, a 2 days cruise.  The kids had a ball - they learned to navigate and steer the boat.  We anchored off of Colonial Beach for the night, after cruising 62nms.  It was a nice calm evening.  We had a beautiful sunset while enjoying a fancy dinner.  Thanks to Jackie, we had steak au poivre, ceasar salad, Starbucks ice-cream with bananas.  C'est si bon! 

Earlier, Eileen had told our guests how tranquil and peaceful anchoring can be.  At about 2 in the morning, we woke up to some serious rocking and banging.  We thought some crazy fishermen were out there, but after checking around to make sure that our anchor wasn't dragging, we discovered that the winds had picked up considerably; this was what we get for anchoring out in the open waters!  Fortunately, some people  (ok, just Yenni) enjoyed that.  All through the night, the water pump was coming on and off.  It turned out that we also had a leak in the pipes somewhere, because the next day, there was no more water in the tank!  Oh well, these things happen, especially in boating...

Sep 2  The weather was much cooler, and the seas a little rougher, but no one got seasick.  As we got close to Solomons Island, the wind blew away Eileen's hat.  Sophal wanted to take the opportunity to practice a "man-overboard" drill, so we tried to rescue it.  It was not an easy feat, but we got the hat back.  We arrived at Town Center Marina around 2pm.  After tying up and washing down the boat, we immediately asked around for a place for good crabs, which the Chesapeake Bay is abundant with.  A fellow boater recommended an excellent crab house called Sandgates Inn right on the Patuxent River, about half hour away.  The crabs (at $28/doz) were out of this world! And the softshell crabs were the best we've ever had. Yum.  (We went back 5 more times during our stay at Solomons Island)

Cruising on the Potomac River

On the way to Solomons Island

Yummy Crabs

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Last updated: 04/12/2007
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