Hi there , my name is Emile . Welcome to my webpage , a page dedicated to my favourite group of all time ...... Guns N' Roses .... & well to my favourite in the group as well ..... SLASH .This is my first webpage so hang in there with me for the while , I want to make this page one of the best Guns N' Roses pages you'll come across with access to alot of stuff like lyrics and pics . I'd also like to place some of my poetry for viewing and other stuff as well ....
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My site is broken into realms and each realm has a guardian which guides you through your journey while visitng right , the guardians stay close to your cursor and teleports when the cursor moves . This present realm you are in is the Main Gateway Realm . It's Guardian is Hades the Enigmatic Wanderer . There is also the Realm Of Time which contains a variety of stuff to do with Guns N' Roses and Slash himself . The Guardian of that realm is Sinister The  Reaper Of Time , who will bring forth in your presence  pics and lyrics and other stuff as well for you. There is also the Realm Of Souls . It's Guardian is Crimson The Firey Soul Searcher . In his realm you'll find stuff pertaining to me as he excavates my soul and presents it to you.
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