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Estrella Medina

Ok This is Me...Estrella!
Here's a bit of info:
Age:  19
Live:  Eastern Shore of Virginia
Ok that's enough for now...


Ok now I would like to say hi to all of my homies!
Yazmin my big sis u suck anyway thanx for leavn me all on my own to deal with "your mother"
Lupe n Max thanx for bringing Layla into this world!
MARA Get ready...I'll be there soon!
Ignacio COME BACK BUDDY!Eloina take care of him
- Gumaro-hopefully u go back to school and finish it for ur sake-I know u'll never forget me and hopefully all of your dreams come true-especially your semi one!!
Sarah S. I love you and hopefully we'll get to smell the fumes together one more time!
Jenn good luck with Jason even though you don't need it-how about that playgirl!
Myriah good luck in Cancun
Janet lets have some more fume smelln times and I am very sorry about FAT CAT...I will always carry his memory with me!
Manuel(Meno) I'll take care of ya...bring ur ass up here so I can hook u up!
Beatrix I promise to get u a lifetime supply of chocolate-I will always miss our hyper moments-stay in school dont be like your siblings-good luck with everything ;)!
Jovan what can I say-too bad huh but hey I enjoy ur friendship-thank you for the laughs and dinner at Olive Garden-that was a great night never to be forgotten-take care of that sweet baby of yours!we'll see about that road trip...u suck a$$
Jessika You're my # 1 bitch-love lunching with you

Mariballs we are ANGELS
JimPie we'll have our Mcdees one day huh...glad we remained buddies for this long and hope it remains that way!

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