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Project XLang

XLang is a language with a syntax which looks like XML but with different semantics.  XLang can operate on a file that follows XML syntax and XLang semantics and produce computations/results. More

Unix Tail Application in Java

This is a Java Tail application which works like the Unix Tail.    The application will print the tail end of the file ( default 50 lines) and keep printing only the tail end lines; as and when the file is updated. More..

Websphere Studio Application Developer Tail PlugIn (For WSAD 4.0) 

This can work as a Tail plug in for WSAD 4.0. More

Distributed Computing

1) Distributed Computing using JINI-Synopsis More..

2) Distributed Computing using JINI-Example More..


1) Code Metrics from Design Perspective - Whats more than LOC (Lines of Code) ? Get There..

2) Java Best Practices Get There..

3) UML Primer. Covers Class Diagrams,Sequence Digrams, History of UML etc.. Get There..

4) Excelling in Excel with Java - Javaworld Article . Get There..

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