Officially CLOSED
Entertainment Stars Zone Is Shut Down from now on.... read more?
I am sorry to announce that, Entertainment Stars Zone is officially closed since August 18, 2004.  This site was first found and established by me on net on the same day, during 2001.  I find it hard to maintain this website because it's overly big, and also I truely lost the touch to making a website.  I am very bored of spending all my time online just editting pictures, uploading pictures, researching this and that for people when a certain of you never appreciate my work, and took my effort for granted.  I am glad so many people supported eSz over the past years.  Thanks for all your effort to make me reopen my site the last 2 times I closed it but this time, I am positively not going to reopen it.  I had fun, I hope you had fun over the past 3 years.  Lastly, Happy Birthday to eSz for the final time... and also Happy Closing as well.

All my affiliates can now remove my link from their page if they wish, but please if you took graphics from esz that you must still keep my site name and link up on your credit's page.
Although the site is closed, I still want people to know where the materials came from, so if you took stuff from my site, DO NOT remove my link.  Thanks.
IF WHEN I CONTINUE TO SURF and come across ANY webpages containing eSz's materials with my links OFF your credits page, I'll give you 1 email notice, 7 days probation and you'll be added here:
Wall of Shame will continue to stay up for as long as this page is up, so if you don't want to embarass yourself, stealing from a site that no longer is working, please don't do anything stupid.

Much Love, Jenni

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