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Biblical Basis 5a ~ NAMES / TITLES of THE HOLY SPIRIT
Names / Titles of God ~ The Father Names / Titles of God ~ The Son + List #2 +

The following (incomplete) information provides references to a Being so incredible
that it takes a host of names & titles to give us a glimpse
of His Nature, Attributes, Character, Glory, Majesty, Relationships !!!

Grammatical Titles of God ~ The Spirit
1 spirit no definite article Jn.3:5,6; 4:23,24; Rom.8:4; Rev.1:10; 4:2; 17:3
2 holy spirit 1 adj. but no def. art. Lk.11:13; Acts 1:2; 4:25; Rom.14:17; 15:13,16,19
3 THE Spirit 1 def. art. Mt.4:1; Acts 2:4; 5:9; 8:29; 16:7; Rom.8:9-11,16,26,27
4 THE Holy Spirit 1 def. art. & 1 adj. Mt.28:19; Lk.12:10,12; Acts 9:31; 16:6; 2Cor.13:14
5 THE Spirit THE Holy (One) 2 def. art. & 1 adj. Acts 1:16; 5:3,32; 7:51; 13:2; 20:23,28; 21:11; Heb.3:7; 9:8

1. It is ludicrous to suggest that The Holy Spirit is not a "Person" because HE didnít choose to reveal His "distinctive" name. What if He doesn't even have a personal or distinctive name? How does that cancel his Personhood? Yet that is just what the WT teaches.
- Watchtower, July 15, 19557 p.432: "That the holy spirit is WITHOUT PERSONALITY is also indicated by the fact that IT has NO DISTINCTIVE NAME."
- Compare the above quote with Insight, Angel, vol.1, p.106: "Personality. Some may DENY distinct personality of individual angels, claiming they are impersonal forces of energy dispatched to accomplish the will of God, but the Bible teaches otherwise. Individual names imply individuality. The fact that TWO of their names, Michael and Gabriel, are given establishes the point sufficiently. (Da 12:1; Lu 1:26)"

2. This "no-DISTINCTIVE-name" notion is in truth just a "no-REVEALED-name" situation. It highlights that The Holy Spirit shares another similarity with Jesus. Click on this link to find a Comparison Chart about Jesus the PARACLETE (Helper) & The Holy Spirit PARACLETE (Helper). Rev.19:12 sums up & illustrates things very nicely. "He HAS a name written that NO ONE KNOWS but HE HIMSELF."

3. Isa.11:2 contains all these descriptive titles in ONE verse:
- Spirit of the Lord
- Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding - Spirit of Counsel & Might
- Spirit of Knowledge & Fear of the LLord.
And there must go forth a twig out of the stump of Jesse; and out of his roots a sprout will be fruitful. And upon him the spirit of Jehovah must settle down, the spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the spirit of counsel and of mightiness, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah (NWT, Isa.11:1,2)

4. Humans 'need' or use distinctive personal names for identification & communication. Do you think that God The Father, or God The Son, or God The Spirit would get confused or flustered if a name-less angel approached the throne of God? ~ "How do we address this name-less angel?? How are we going to make an entry into The Angel Book???" ~ God The Father continues, "Let's refer to him as The Angel The Bold One." ~ God the Son -- The Word says: "That's a good idea; & we should call the AWESOME NAMELESS ONE, THE SPIRIT THE HOLY ONE ... or THE SPIRIT of TRUTH ... or The Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding ... or The Spirit of Counsel & Might ... or The Spirit of Knowledge & Fear of the LORD -- & please all scribes of earth & heaven, DON'T FORGET THE DEFINITE ARTICLE(S)!!!" :-).

5. If YOU were important enough to have (even just a few of) these titles, you would probably just laugh at anyone who thought YOU were just an energy burst. But it isn't a laughing matter, for JESUS said in Mt.12:30-32: He that is not on my side is against me, & he that does not gather with me scatters. "On this account I say to you, Every sort of sin & blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the spirit will not be forgiven. For example, whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against THE HOLY SPIRIT, it will NOT be forgiven him, NO, NOT in this system of things NOR in that to come.

6. The following list establishes the point sufficiently that THE HOLY SPIRIT is AWESOME. It is extremely peculiar that the WT would pick a fight with the most powerful & elusive "spirit" in the universe !!!

Distinctive Names / Titles of God ~ The Spirit The Holy (One) ~ (KJV mostly)
(I have not checked all the descriptions & references of this compiled list.)
(Dismissing the PERSONALITY of SOMEONE with all these titles (&more) is unbelievably foolish !!!)

Anointing (1Jn.2:27)
Breath of Life (Gen.2:7)
Breath of the Almighty (Job 32:8; 33:4; 34:14,15)
Breath of the LORD (Isa.40:7)
Comforter (Jn.14:16,26; 15:26)
Counselor (Jn.14:16)
Deposit (Eph.1:13,4)
Dew (Hos.14:5)
Double Portion (2Ki.2:9,15)
Dove (Mt.3:16)
Earnest (or down-payment) (Eph.1:13,14)
Eternal Spirit (Heb.9:14)
Eyes of the Lord (Zech.4:10)
Finger of God (Ex.8:19; Lk.11:20)
Fire (Ac.2:3)
Firstfruits (Rom.8:23)
Free Spirit (Ps.51:12)
Gift (Ac.5:3,4)
God (Ac.5:3,4)
God's Testimony (1Jn.5:9)
Good Spirit (Neh.9:20; Ps.143:10)
Hand of God (2Chron.30:12)
His Holy Spirit (Isa.63:10,11)
His Spirit (Isa.48:16)
Holy Spirit of God (Eph.4:30)
Lamp of the Lord (Pr.20:27)
Lord Who Is the Spirit (2Cor.3:18)
Mind of the LORD (Isa.40:13)
My Spirit (Gen.6:3)
New Spirit (Eze.11:19)
Oil (1Sam.16:13)
One Spirit (1Cor.12:13)
Power of the Highest (Lk.1:35)
Power of the Lord (Lk.5:17)
Promise (Ac.2:33; Gal.3:14)
Same Spirit (1Cor.12:4)
Seal (Eph.1:13)
Servant (Gen.24:34)
Spirit Himself (Rom.8:26)
Spirit of Adoption (Rom.8:15)
Spirit of Burning (Isa.4:4)
Spirit of Christ (Rom.8:9; 1Pet.1:11)
Spirit of Counsel & Might (Isa.11:2)
Spirit of Faith (2 Cor.4:13)
Spirit of Fire (Isa.4:4)
Spirit of Glory (1Pet.4:14)
Spirit of God (Gen.1:2; 41:38; 1Cor.2:11; 3:16; Job 33:4)
Spirit of Grace (Heb.10:29)
Spirit of Grace & Supplication (Zech.12:10)
Spirit of Him Who Raised Jesus (Rom.8:11)
Spirit of His Son (Gal.4:6)
Spirit of Holiness (Rom.1:4)
Spirit of Jesus (Ac.16:7)
Spirit of Jesus Christ (Phil.1:19)
Spirit of Judgment (Isa.4:4; 28:6)
Spirit of Justice (Isa.28:6)
Spirit of Knowledge & Fear of the LORD (Isa.11:2)
Spirit of Life (Rom.8:2; Rev.11:11)
Spirit of Might (Isa.11:2)
Spirit of Our God (1Cor.6:11)
Spirit of Power, Love, & Self-Discipline (2Tim.1:7)
Spirit of Promise (Ac.1:4,5)
Spirit of Prophecy (Rev.19:10)
Spirit of Revelation (Eph.1:17)
Spirit of Sonship (Rom.8:15)
Spirit of the Father (Mt.10:20)
Spirit of the Fear of the Lord (Isa.11:2)
Spirit of the Living God (2Cor.3:3)
Spirit of the Lord (Isa.11:2; Micah 2:7; Ac.5:9)
Spirit of the Lord God (Isa.61:1)
Spirit of the LORD; Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding; Spirit of Counsel & Might; Spirit of Knowledge & Fear of the LORD (Isa.11:2)
Spirit of the Son (Gal.4:6)
Spirit of Truth (Jn.14:17; 15:26; 16:13; 1Jn.4:6)
Spirit of Understanding (Isa.11:2)
Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation (Eph.1:17)
Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding (Isa.11:2)
Spirit of Your Father (Mt.10:20)
Spirit Who Gives Rest (Isa.63:14)
Spirit Who Goes Out From the Father (Jn.15:26)
Spirit Who Is From God (1Cor.2:12)
Streams of Living Water (Jn.7:38)
Streams on the Dry Ground (Isa.44:3)
Vindicator of Christ (1Tim.3:16)
Water (Zech.14:8)
Wind (Jn.3:8)
Wine (Eph.5:18)
Your Good Spirit (Neh.9:20)
Your Presence (Ps.139:7)
Your Spirit (Neh.9:30)
Your Spirit of Creation & Renewal (Ps.104:30)

Is "The Holy Spirit" a FORCE, or a Sentient BEING -- or BOTH ?

The Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society's view on "The Holy Spirit"
deviates dramatically from the over-whelming majority of Bible-believing Christians, scholars, & researchers.
WT dictionaries contain the following very brazen & shocking statement that summarizes their view
& executes THE SPIRIT THE HOLY ONE !!!.

" The Scriptures themselves unite to show that
but is God's active FORCE

by which he accomplishes his purpose and executes his will

Insight p.1019, & Aid p.1543 ~ INSIGHT On The Scriptures (1988) is the updated version of AID To Bible Understanding (1971)

WOW !!! ~ IF The Holy Spirit is just a force, then I (& any truth-seeker)
would be compelled by intellectual honesty & integrity, to abandon belief in the Trinity & become a JW !!!
An honest, careful, thorough comparison of WT opinion with Scriptural evidence, shows there is no need to accept WT conclusions.

I don't view my work as a THEOLOGICAL DEBATE. There's no prize for the winner.
This research is to help JWs think about their eternal destiny -- it's about you & God, not about me.
If WT teaching is wrong, you are picking a fight with the most AWESOME BEING in the universe!
The Holy Spirit has emotion (intellect & will) & can be INSULTED & OUTRAGED !!!
Heb.10:26-31 warns:
For if we practice sin willfully {or stubbornly, or mindlessly, or blindly, or foolishly} after having received the accurate knowledge of the truth, there is no longer any sacrifice for sins left, 27 but [there is] a certain fearful expectation of judgment & [there is] a fiery jealousy that is going to consume those in opposition. 28 Any man that has disregarded the law of Moses dies without compassion, upon the testimony of two or three. 29 Of how much more severe a punishment, do YOU think, will the man be counted worthy who has trampled upon the Son of God & who has esteemed as of ordinary value the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, & who has OUTRAGED THE SPIRIT of undeserved kindness with contempt? 30 For we know him that said: "Vengeance is mine; I will recompense"; & again: "Jehovah will judge his people." 31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of [the] living God.
According to WT opinion:
  • only God the Father is Jehovah
  • The (Paraclete) Holy Spirit = God's Active Force
  • Jesus is a sub-God (a.k.a Michael the archangel).
  • According to Scripture:
  • Jesus is our Paraclete (Lawyer / Advocate) ~ 1Jn.2:1
  • The Holy Spirit is also our Paraclete ~ Jn.14:16,26; 15:26; 16:27

  • (Greek allos = another of the same kind -- not different-kind-heteros).

  • God The Father -- as the Active Force PARACLETE -- is same as Jesus, & must be demoted to the archangel level.

  • Or, God The (Paraclete) Son must be elevated to equality with God The Father.
  • And God The Spirit -- as same as Jesus PARACLETE -- must be promoted to equal Personhood & Godhood !!!
  • In other words, The Trinity is alive & well.
    Like the atheist who doesn't believe in God, JWs are in for a shock when they meet THE SPIRIT THE HOLY Paraclete-Lawyer-Advocate.

    Because of deliberate, consistent, repeated, systematic emphasis, programming & reinforcement
    (a.k.a. re-education, conditioning, mind control, thought reform, brain washing),
    JWs automatically equate & substitute the Bible expression
    "The Holy Spirit" with the WT's phrase "Active Force",
    ven though
    the "Active Force" phrase is a MISTRANSLATION & found only ONCE in their own Bible!!! See the NWT at Gen.1:2.

    Click here for more detail, & the WT's 28 Meanings / Senses / Interpretation-opinions for "ruach" & "pneuma" ( spirit ).

    SCRIPTURE distinguishes between:
  • The Awesome PERSON & the awesome POWER of The Holy Spirit (throughout Scripture)

  • The GIVER & the GIFT -- in Acts 2:4 for example:
    "...they all became filled with HOLY SPIRIT & started to speak with different tongues,
    just as
    was GRANTING them to make utterance".
    So obviously "pneuma" is not POWER-only or PERSON-only.
    The truth is that HE is an Awesome PERSON
    AND demonstrates HIS Awesome POWER.


    WT Basis for "FORCE" Concept

    My Response


    Scripture Basis for "PERSON" Concept

    A Absent Greek Definite Article 'the' Fact, BUT... A1 Comparison Chart: - DEMON pneuma (spirit)
    A2 Demon-Pneuma-Spirits are Sentient Beings
    A3 ABSENT Greek 'the' = Awesome POWER
    A4 PRESENT Greek 'the' = Awesome PERSON
    B Pneuma = Neuter Gender noun Fact, BUT... B1 Greek Nouns & Pronouns prove Awesome Person
    C holy spirit Associated with Impersonal Things Fact, BUT... C1 EMOTION = Personality
    C2 INTELLECT = Personality
    C3 WILL = Personality
    D The Holy Spirit has NO Personal Voice F A L S E D1 SPEAKS DIRECTLY & via Humans & Scripture
    E The Holy Spirit has NO Personal Name Unknown,
    but so what?
    E1 Names / Titles of The Holy Spirit
    E2 Testimony of Jesus (GOD-THE-WORD)
    F A 'Person' only because of Personification WT's FAULTY
    conclusion CONTRADICTS
    a host of
    "inconvenient" Scriptures
    F1 Testimony of the Whole NT
    F2 Comparison Chart: - PARACLETE (Advocate)
    F3 Awesome Scriptural Warnings
    F4 Greek Facts / Scholarship
    F5 Does the WT Misquote Scholars ?
    F6 Convincing Evidence (& "Michael")
    Click here for Kingdom Interlinear ~ Definite Article chart to see the various spellings of the neuter gender "the".

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    Go back to "Search For:" box & click "Search:".

    You will be able to see (in the Greek text) when the definite article "the" is Absent (A3) or Present (A4) before or after "pneuma".
    For verses with TWO definite articles see Acts 1:16; 5:3,32; 7:51; 13:2; 20:23,28; 21:11; Heb.3:7; 9:8.
    (For more verses with double articles, click A1 above & see box 5 in all 3 columns.)

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