Welcome to Searching for a Beer Can Where's My Beer Can?

Welcome to Searching lost Beer Can!

Tervetuloa etsimään kadonnutta olut tölkkiä!

Far far away from here, some brown guy with his long finger is sad and searching some thing that he had lost some time ago when he was at Sweden visiting his ex girl friend Xena.

It was dark October night when Xena offered too many drinks to E.T. and so he lost his control. Xena thought " So, whats the big deal? Even if that brown, flat headed small guy is so drunk that he could'nt do anything for me, I can allways try his finger...".

Even trough E.T. was so drunk that he was going to nearest strip club to see some action and maybe to drink some beers more, Xena loved her idea of E.T.'s long finger...

...After few hours E.T. was coming back from the strip club, but he was'nt alone. Xena saw E.T. and two girls from the bar walking and singing something on the road. That was when Xena took E.T.'s Beer can and throw it into trash can.

Next morning when E.T. woked up, cosmic beer can was first thing in his mind. He tried to find it, but could'nt find it.

So what's the big deal of one lost beer can?
If he does'nt find it, he wont never return to home and turn on his cosmic Walkie Talkie, becouse his father, the Great Frank Of The Cosmos will be realy angry for his own son, E.T.

You are now the right person to help him find his can.

Here some hints to help E.T.:

1st   Go to E.T.'s friend's home page at http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ and download the E.T. radar.

2nd  If You find E.T., ask him if You can hop on his Flying toaster and help him to find his that lost cosmic beer can.

3rd   If You find the beer can, just enjoy of it.

E.T.@home--- Searching for a beer can