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The city of Rileikoul is not what's known as a "pleasant place". It's entire population is made up of dark elves, drow, who are not the evil creatures they are portrayed to be by the light elves of their world. Not evil at all - just violent. Extremely.


Predictably, the most popular sports involve battles of some kind. By far, the most popular of these is the arena fight, the contests of the drakkin. This sport has been slightly disturbed by the arrival of foreigners through portals long overlooked.


Recently, to see what may come of it, the Lord of the arena has agreed to sell drakkin hatchlings to outsiders - for a price of course.



August 23, 2006: Wow. It has been a really, really, reallyreallyreally long time. What year was that last update written in? o_o I think it might have been 2004. Ouchies. Well, you can thank Naeodin aka. Sky for finally giving me the motivation and inspiration to actually do this puppy. Mreh. So there. Please feel free to throw sharp, dangerous things at my head. I completely deserve it. Oh, and...ah...there's a new clutch up, just in case anyone is still interested in this place. ^^


November 24: Yet another buyer was found, a young thief named Chaitali. 'S a good thing that this clutch is special. Also, I'd like to make a note that I /am/ susceptible to plushie bribery. Er, within a story. Yeah. =^_^= Behold Kosca's new plushie friend.

October 26: 'Nother buyer approved; everybody say hi to Eien! When you do, make sure to include a wave for Them. Don't want to be rude. *grin* The clutch will stay open to buyers until a promised Vanya is received. After that, I'll begin work on the hatchling event.


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